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I just got this over email:

“We no longer know if Putin won’t attack the Jews.

We should sit in the floor and fast to prevent it.

The Rav also said that Ukrainians and Nazis come from the same source.

The Ukrainians of today are grandchildren of natzi’s and they still have it in their blood.”


I strongly believe in the power of Purim to ‘overturn’ all this evil – there is so very much of it going on, it’s hard to even keep up.

And I keep reminding myself, that Adar is always like this: until we actually get to Purim, the ‘dark’ just keeps building and building and building….

It’s not a happy month – the opposite of a ‘happy’ month, usually – until we get that miraculous turnaround at Purim.

This year, seems we need it more than ever.


I know there are some readers who don’t want to hear all this, because it’s ‘demoralising’.

I would LOVE to just write good, happy things, good news.

Just seems the world is not quite there yet, and this is a very dangerous time to stick our heads in the sand, and pretend everything is fine.

Prayers, teshuva and tzedaka overturn the harsh decrees.

Crying out to Hashem from the bottom of our broken hearts overturns the harsh decrees.

Pretending everything is ‘fine’ while binging on netflicks and / or smoking weed to calm ourselves down doesn’t overturn anything.


If I hear more instructions from the Rav about concrete things to do, to try to overturn these harsh decrees, I will share them here.

The last few days, the heaviness has literally been so palpable, I have been going to bed at 9.30pm, because it’s exhausting to be ‘awake’ in the middle of all this.

At the same time…. I’ve seen so many times with the Rav, where situations where there seemed to be no hope, did turn around miraculously, after a lot of prayers, teshuva and charity.

So there is always hope.

May God rescue us all soon – and especially the sincere, holy Jews in the Ukraine.



After doing some hitobedut on this, and what small people like you and I can really do to help the Jews caught in the fighting in Ukraine, I suddenly remembered the pidyon nefesh that some of the Rav’s students in Miami paid, to  ‘dodge’ Hurricane Irma, back in August 2017.

You can read the whole story HERE, but basically, I think they paid quite a big pidyon to the Rav – and the whole hurricane moved away from the US, and instead hit the people trafficking routes via the Bahamas, instead.

Thanks to our corrupt Frankist-Freemason government, it is now ‘illegal’ to discuss any sort of pidyon nefesh with the Rav directly, and if he is given any money directly – they will send him back to prison, God forbid.

But I’ve been paying my pidyonot to the website HERE, and I know it’s having the same impact as giving it straight into the hands of Rav Berland.

So, that’s what I just did.

I just did a very modest pidyon nefesh of 500 nis for the Jews of Ukraine, to be saved from any violence. And if you want to do that too, feel free.


Our intention counts for everything, with this stuff.

Go HERE to do a pidyon nefesh for the Jews of Ukraine, and just have in mind that this is what the money is for, when you donate it on the site.

BH, we should only hear good news.


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  1. Eliora
    Eliora says:

    It makes me concerned that the Rav would say such a horrible thing about Ukrainians, which I will not repeat. It is not scientifically true, being that Ukraine is a very diverse country: approximately half of the Ukrainian population is ethnic Russian, and fought the NAZIs in WWII. A considerable percentage (there are not statistics as far as I know) are half Russian and half Ukrainian. Then a considerable part is Tatar or partial Tatar, and 1% of Ukraine is thought to be Jewish (according to halacha), with a larger part having at least 1 Jewish grandparent. Statistically speaking, ethnic Ukrainians are actually a minority in Ukraine. All the proud Ukrainians I know and work with are actually ethnic Russian. Aside from that I can’t keep silent when someone, and a Rav nonetheless, watches innocent people loose their children to an unprovoked war and says they essentially deserve this because of who their grandparents are. It would have been one thing to keep silent, but for one to make such a remark needs to be questioned to the highest degree.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      If an ’emuna approach’ to life tells us that a holocaust could happen to six million Jews – many of whom were sincerely religious – and that God is still just and kind in everything He does, because ultimately, we know absolutely nothing about who we were in previous gilgulim, and what we did in those previous gilgulim, I personally don’t have a problem with the Rav’s statement.

      Violence and war is horrible, no-one disagrees.

      At the same time, everything that happens to everyone is 100% decided by Hashem.


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