I had a whole big, long post about Coronavirus to put up here.

But then, I got sent this message from Rabbi Berland, describing the latest situation in Israel, with Coronavirus.

Tachlis,  he said the numbers of infected are going to go from 4,00o to 10,000 this week, and that this week is going to be the hardest one, and that we should all stay home and hunker down.

He also said that the plague will end by Seder Night.

He also asked people to recite 12 Tikkun Haklalis a day, until Pesach.

So, I can’t do that and carry on writing posts on this blog this week.

While I was pondering that, a reader sent me the following, from one of the Rebbe Nachman books:

“Once Rabbi Nachman told his followers, ‘What is there for you to think about? All you need to do is to provide the brick and plaster, and I will build the most awesome and mazing building out of them’. (In other words, if we would just occupy ourselves with our devotions with simplicity – studying the Torah, praying and carrying out the mitzvot – he would do his work and make of them what he would. As he said this, he drew out the word “buildings” as if to emphasize the extraordinary beauty and awesomeness of the constructions he would form [She’arit Israel #22]. )


Our job is just to follow the Tzaddik’s instructions.

What else can we do? What more can we do?

If we deliver our Tikkun Haklalis and our prayers to Rav Berland, he’ll turn them into whatever they need to become in order to help get this Coronavirus pandemic safely behind us by Pesach, incredible as that currently sounds.

So, it seems as though I will be busy trying to recite Tikkun Haklalis this week, and not doing so much writing, between that and preparing for Pesach.

This is too big for any of us to really ‘handle’.


I was talking to someone in the US, and the Jewish communities there have become the epicenter of the disease.

BH, this virus will disappear by Leil Seder, as the Rav is promising. But I can’t help remembering that the Rav also said a while back HERE, that the antisemitism in America would stop until the 7th day of Pesach. With Coronavirus obviously manifesting in a big way in the Jewish communities around the world, it doesn’t take a huge leap to see that the next big issue could easily be another spike in anti-semitism…

Again, all this is really way to big for any of us to get our heads around.

All we can really do is pray, and leave it to the Rav to sort out.

But providing the ‘bricks and mortar’ is certainly our job, and hopefully enough of us will do it so that all this can get sweetened somehow.

And may we hear good news soon, BH.



I just got sent this recent message from Rav Pinto’s WhatsApp group by a reader, which I’m attaching below, unedited:

An important point here that Kavod HaRav Pinto, Shlita ,touched upon in his shiur today. This is just a short dot of the shiur today and it is sent with permission of the Rav, shlita. 
The Rav said , It could be one person who is suffering, and that’s why Hashem is doing this whole entire epidemic! ONE person ! There was once a person who was hungry and complained to Hashem and until the community took care of him ,then the plague stopped. Who is feeling hurt ? Think deeply ?
. And it could be one simple person’s good deed that can end it ,and it could be finished in one second . In one second this plague can end ! It can be you who can end this whole thing ! By your one good deed !
Pray to Hashem for all Am Yisrael, and ask Hashem to add you amongst them. 
Pray for tzaar Ha’Shechina. The Shechina is in Galut. Hashem doesn’t have a Home. And His Name is not Complete . Hashem is suffering !
Hashem is upset with us ! 
May Hashem help us all to do the proper deep introspection (cheshbon hanefesh ), that we all need to do. The bet hamikdash is not here Bec of Sinat chinam. Sinat chinam can be any sort of anything negative,such as  : Lashon hara. Angers. Jealousy. Hatred. Machloket. Every one shld look deep into their own heart ,and eradicate what’s in his/her heart. We must ask forgiveness of whom we hurt. Even if they were wrong , and not we . Even more so if it was us. We must swallow our pride and ask forgiveness!
Sometimes Ppl ask forgiveness from us ,  and some times we don’t accept. We make it so hard for them when we don’t accept their apology. Why ? Why such  gaava. ? Accept their apology!
Why can’t we forgive. Why ? Can’t you find it in your heart to forgive??? 
And even if they don’t ask forgiveness, we We must forgive and forgive deeply. On our own ! 
We must “let it go “
May Mashiach come B‘ Rachamim. He is on the way …
Tinu Oz L’Elikim. 
Tenu Oz L’Mashiach. Give mashiach strength to come ! 
This whole plague could be here because of one person. Because one person is suffering in some way !
Let’s help this to end. Let’s Help mashiach  to come. It could be you. It could be your one little deed , that can change this decree , & take away this plague , and send us mashiach. Today. Forgive some one today !!!! And  Mashiach can come today. It’s your choice. ! Is it really worth it ? 
Choose Correctly!  Amen !

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