Rabbi Berland in Givat Olga

The identity of Moshiach Ben David has been announced over on dani18.com.

Can you guess who they said Moshiach ben David is?

You can see their messages for yourself, in HEBREW and ENGLISH, here:


I have totally conflicting feelings about Dani18, for a lot of reasons. But anyone with their eyes open can see that at least in this instance, you can trust what they are saying 100%.

Things are about to get really interesting!


I know that this announcement probably going to trigger quite a few people’s psycho tendencies, so let’s be clear on what comments will be going up, and which comments I will be deleting:

Anything that is lashon hara / slander / personal attacks – will be deleted.

While I’m flexible on being personally insulted, there is a zero tolerance policy for lashon hara against tzaddikim (or anyone else, besides me) on this site.

So, if you stick to just insulting me personally, your comment may still go up.

Otherwise, very happy to discuss, and this is big news, massive news.

Whatever is coming next, hopefully it will only be the sweet way, and will include everyone in the next stage of geula.

Also, see this:



UPDATE: FULL TEXT FROM DANI18 on the identity of Moshiach ben David:

“Your servant the Son of David will come, and he will redeem us” – Binyamin
Golden, 24th Nissan, 5779

There is nothing to worry about. The Son of David will continue, he will live, and ultimately, he
will bring us to the Beit HaMikdash. But it’s not going to be easy. The Son of David was sure that
he would be able to fight against the Sitra Achra more easily. But the Son of David is not going to
give up and say “that’s it!”.

He can’t, because he loves Am Yisrael so very much. He’s not going to abandon us so easily.
There are moments of despair, but ultimately, HaKadosh Baruch Hu chose him to bring the
complete redemption in its entirety.

The situation is very difficult. The situation is more than ‘very difficult’. The Sitra Achra, may his
name be erased, is running wild and he’s sure that he’s running the show, G-d forbid. But even if
only 10 believing Jews remain, to fight against the lies, Hashem will destroy all the evildoers with
them. He will rebuild the world to come with the few who will remain faithful.

He is going to demolish, wipe out and erase those who prefer the lies over the truth.


The believers don’t need to worry, but those who prefer lies, all of them will disappear.

Hashem created the world for Am Yisrael, and in order to take Am Yisrael and to raise them up
to a spiritual level that I can’t even describe. I can only say this, that whoever reaches this level
will achieve an eternal life that is so very good, and I don’t even have any words to describe it.

Don’t despair, just stay with the Tzaddik. Hashem loves the Tzaddik, and the Tzaddik loves Am
Yisrael no less than Moshe Rabbeinu did. The Tzaddik is not going to give up, and he’s not going
to abandon us. He cries over every single Jewish man, and over every single Jewish woman, and
these tears have a very great influence in shamayim. The Tzaddik is not going to leave us.

“Shuvu Banim” is eternal. Even though amongst us, there are still some who don’t really believe.
We will have to go through another birur, another clarification process: who really does believe,
and who really doesn’t.

Now, the world is about to enter a period that will be even darker, and even more frightening
than before. The believers will always see the light – whoever really believes in HaKadosh Baruch
Hu, and whoever will ‘hang on’ to the Tzaddik very tightly, so-to-speak, because they know that
this is what will bring them to true eternal life.

Only a few will remain, they will be the chosen few, the perfect ones that Hashem will build the
future upon. The believers need to know that only a few will remain, but those who remain, the
chosen ones, will be those who go with the Tzaddik. The future will be so very good, that it will
be worth all the suffering that we will have to go through to get to it. There are no words to even describe it.

I want to bless all the true Jews who believe in HaKadosh Baruch Hu, and in His faithful
representative, the Son of Dovid, that they shouldn’t fall into despair, because the future of the
world depends on the love that you have for Hashem. Love for Hashem, and absolute and total
faith in the Creator of the world, the almighty, and in His representative, Eliezer ben Etia,
Moshiach ben David.

He will not abandon Am Yisrael under any circumstances. Am Yisrael is so very beloved by him,
as it was by Moshe Rabbenu, who stood by them, by Am Yisrael, and who acted as their
defender before the kisei hakavod, even though they sinned greatly against HaKadosh Baruch

Eliezer ben Etia loves Am Yisrael. He weeps over every single Jew that strays from the true path,
and he is completely faithful to the Almighty. He is more beloved than anyone else in shamayim,
more than any other soul. He came to this world around 81 years ago, and despite all the
difficulties he’s had in trying to bring Am Yisrael to the truth, he didn’t abandon them – just as
the Almighty won’t abandon us, either.

He is our defender, Eliezer ben Etia, even though he is a little weak from some despair, he will
bring us to eternity, bezrat Hashem.

Finally, finally, the King Moshiach has come – Menachem, Parshat Kedoshim Tehiu
“Be Holy”, 5779

Baruch Hashem, Hashem has finally, finally sent us the redeemer. Yes, the Redeemer with a
capital R. And so we, the brain-damaged ones, the autistics, or whatever you want to call us,
don’t need to continue writing any longer.

For the last 26 years, we’ve been writing essays all the time, in order to strengthen Am Yisrael,
and to demonstrate where the sheker, all the lies are to be found, and where the truth is to be

But now, there is no more need for our talents. We are now obligated to leave this work,
because the King Moshiach has come. And he will provide the answers to all the questions
everybody has, and he will direct Am Yisrael towards the complete redemption. We are going
into retirement.

But we will also be praying, and begging HaKadosh Baruch Hu that even us, the autistics, can be
with all of Am Yisrael, once the geula shleimah, the complete redemption, arrives. And that we
can also, with the greatest joy, accompany the King Moshiach to the Beit HaMikdash, and
sacrifice offerings there, etc.

Am Yisrael, don’t worry! Moshiach will guide you on the right path, and he is the shaliach, the
messenger who will save every single Jew. But, every Jew has to do teshuva, and all those who
are really Erev Rav, or something like that, they won’t make it to the complete redemption.

But Eliezer ben Etia, he will bring us from this world, to the spiritual world, and to the Third

The end.


UPDATE on the Moshiach ben David announcement #2:

Everyone should think for themselves about how to take this development, because no-one can or should be ‘persuaded’ of things they don’t really believe in themselves. Personally, I don’t believe any pronouncement made about the future that comes from the autistics, as asking them about the future was strictly prohibited by the rabbis who gave them haskamot (brought below).

I don’t think this announcement about Moshiach ben David is predicting the future, it’s stating a conclusion that many people – including many of the biggest rabbis in the Jewish world – have already come to independently. But the stuff about only a small number of people surviving, etc, is still predicting the future and so I don’t hold by that part of the statement.

The Tzaddikim can and are sweetening things all the time. Rabbi Berland has sweetened so many of the harsh decrees in the past, and BH, the more people start to understand what’s going on, and listen to his directives about making teshuva and praying more, the easier this whole geula process will be for everyone.

Rav Yekutiel Fish stated the following about the recent 4.6 earthquake in Israel (that I felt in Jerusalem, btw):

“The earthquake on Wednesday marked the end of the waiting period,” Rabbi Fish said. “It was the official day of the beginning of the birth of the Messiah.”

(BTW, don’t hold your breath for Breaking Israel News to cover this story identifying Moshiach ben David in any way, shape or form. It’s a website for christians, and all the geula information on it is carefully skewed to feed a christian audience who loves all the end of days stuff, but is totally allergic to the idea of a real, Jewish moshiach showing up any time soon. They have their candidate for the post already figured out, lo alenu.)

I’ll continue to update this page with anything else that’s relevant, but I can see that most of us seem to be either totally past caring that Moshiach ben David could / has come; and / or strangely unhappy or discomfited by the idea that it could actually happen in practice, and not just talked about in theory.

I guess that fulfills the midrashim that said that Moshiach ben David will only show up when everyone has fallen into the biggest despair, and totally given up on the idea of redemption. Another prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes….



(From HERE🙂


One should not ask a person with brain damage questions of any kind, and especially not personal questions or questions about the future. One should not rely on their statements in matters of halacha, health, marriage partners, etc.

One should address any question to a proper rabbi. This will provide the Torah view. The messages, which are meant for families and the nation, are for their tikun, the tikun of the family and help in the tikun of the nation.



Speaking about Facilitated Communication with the brain-damaged, Rav Steinman personally informed Rabbi Srevnik that “he sees in this the great mercy of Heaven to wake up the sleeping who forget the truth amid the ephemeralities of routine life, and abuse their whole life with empty pursuits and indulgences.

It is also a source of moral inspiration for the Torah community, who today are also
in need of strengthening. The statements of the brain damaged are fiery mussar [admonition, i.e., inspiration to search one’s soul and improve conduct] and bestir all those who read them.

It is a worthy cause to distribute and publicize these statements. Rav Steinman has personally attended communication sessions with the brain damaged and was
very impressed by the answers they gave to his questions.

In Rav Steinman’s opinion, it is very important to contemplate their messages and search one’s soul. One should not ignore them.

He also warned that one should not use the statements of the brain damaged for any specific purpose or halachic ruling. He also warned against asking them about the future.

“We have had the zchut of the discovery of this phenomenon for one purpose only: to bring the hearts of the Jewish people to their Father in Heaven.”



“The people which walk in the dark saw great light.” We are living in a period with great darkness and confusion. Many of our people are not even aware of their Father in Heaven; and even of those who walk on the path of truth, many some are still far from perfection.

The Creator had mercy on his people and, in His great mercy, sent us something capable of waking people up from their deep sleep, namely a new form of communication with the brain-damaged.

Through this form of communication, we see that the spiritual world is revealed to them. Despite the fact that the world regards them as devoid of understanding and awareness of what is going on around them, by means of this new form of communication, which is called Facilitated Communication, we discover that their knowledge of the spiritual affairs of the world, of the Creator, of ethics and morals are on a very high level.

This fact has already inspired many Jews to return to their roots or to heighten their devotion to Torah and mitzvot. Due to my many commitments, I was unable to read through this book and asked a talmid chacham [proficient Talmudic scholar], whom I trust implicitly, to review it.

He indeed reviewed a large part of the book and conveyed its contents to me. In addition, his first hand observations of this form of communication caused him to conclude that it is authentic and highly valuable.

At the same time, it must be stressed that while the messages conveyed by the brain damaged are suitable for strengthening and bringing people closer to the truth, a person should not act on what they say without referring to a Rov [rabbi]. For as is known, only Torah sages may guide our nation.

I should like to bless all those who seek to publicize these important messages with a view to sanctifying the name of Heaven and magnifying His name in the world. May Hashem help them and desire the success of their endeavors.



(Extract from the Forward of his pamphlet on the religious messages of the brain-damaged, Shimu Vetichyeh Nafshechem)

All the mentally disabled in Israel, communicating through Facilitated Communication, have recently expressed their wish that those of their statements which compare with passages from source texts be published with the appropriate references from the Bible, Chazal [the Mishnaic and Talmudic sages] other works as far as possible.

I feel that doing this will provide great inspiration since it shows how far their pronouncements are anchored and rooted in our holy sources. The sources for their
statements which I found show us that we cannot ignore what they say…

For thousands of years, sufferers from autism, Down’s syndrome and cerebral palsy were thought of as “imbeciles.” Now we have discovered that they are of sound, clear mind and capable of expressing themselves – by means of communication – on a level far above ours.

For many, this is not easy to accept. But this does not change the fact that this is true, as has been proved beyond a doubt on many occasions. Finally, two outstanding Talmudic scholars passed on this pamphlet to one of the Torah sages of our time on my behalf. He warmly and heartily approved its publication and said it is a tikun
[rectification] for their souls; and will be a great zchut for us, if it inspires us to do tshuva.

The same sage warned against possible mishaps linked to FC. We must listen to his warning that one should not ask them questions which can lead to making decisions, for example in matters of halacha and medical affairs, since they do not serve as a substitute for sages, rabbis and doctors …



The Talmud in Massechet Baba Batra, p.12, states,

“From the day the Beit Hamikdash was destroyed … prophesy was given to imbeciles and infants.”

Harav Dessler in Michtav MiEliyahu, part 4, explains,

“Prophesy was given to imbeciles – because their screen [i.e., brain] is not so strong.”

The Zohar, parshat Shemot, p.6:2, states:

“Rebbe Chiyya said,  ‘30 days prior to a country receiving power and strength or before a country goes through crisis and destruction, they announce the matter throughout the whole world, and sometimes the matter is passed on to the mouth of infants
and sometimes to those imbecilic people who have no minds, and sometimes the matter is passed on to the mouth of birds.

“They announce the news in the world and there is no one who will see [hear] and understand the announcement. And when the nation is composed of men of zchut and tzadikim, the affair is passed onto the heads, the tzadikim of the world, in order that they inform the people of the matter of the decree and they will return to God.

“And when the nation is not composed of men of zchut, the procedure adopted is as we said — the affair is placed in the mouths of infants or imbeciles or birds. And the people are not aware of the matter so that they are not prompted to do tshuva and prevent the implementation of the decree.”

The Talmud in Massechet Nida (30:2) states of the embryo in the womb of its mother that:

“A light shines over its head and it observes and sees from one end of the world to the other.”

How can an embryo, whose eyes are closed and is inside the womb of its mother, see everything which takes in place in the world from one end of the world to the other? The Talmud tells us “A light shines over its head” — this refers to the soul whose powers of vision are not limited. The soul is that which sees from one end of the world to the other and all the secrets of the higher worlds.

The following was said by Shulamit Gad, mother of Galia and author of the book, ‘Messages from Heaven’:

In one particular session, Galia wrote out a message, telling me to go to a certain rabbi. She wrote out the name of the rabbi and his address.

As a baalat tshuva [someone who has become religious], making her first steps, I didn’t know how you decide which rabbi to take as your counselor. Galia chose for me a great rabbi who is a tzadik and well known, one of the major halachic authorities of our time. The rabbi encouraged me to give talks to women. Of course, there is no prohibition on communicating by means of FC.

The Torah states, “Do not seek out the dead,” meaning it is forbidden to communicate with dead spirits. Séances or any other form of communication with the dead are a serious offense and involve enormous tuma. I communicate with the living, with the soul of a living person, and, therefore, there is no prohibition.

Rabbanim forbid consulting people with brain damage and autism as though they are our umim and tumim.

In the Biblical era, a plate of precious stones with letters engraved upon them. In answer to a question, the letters would light up and convey divine messages.

It is important to stress that if a person has a question, he should consult a rabbi and obtain the Torah’s answer to his question. Galia wrote, “Rabbanim are the messengers of Hashem. And those who refer personal questions to people with autism are likely to compromise the requirement to apply free choice in their lives and possibly ruin their tikun too in this world.”

Great and famous rabbis, yeshiva principals, great scholars and halachic authorities who have
examined all of Galia’s messages, confirm that all Galia’s messages are remarkably similar to what is
found in traditional source works, and even recommended their students to read them, obviously
warning them at the same time to apply all the caution necessary in using Facilitated Communication.”


Lastly, you might also want to read this again, from a couple of years ago:

Why is the geula blogosphere so quiet about Rabbi Berland?


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19 replies
  1. Rachel Erman
    Rachel Erman says:

    But didn’t you yourself write not so long ago that you came to a firm conclusion that facilitated communication just can’t work, that whatever the autistics and others write is produced, consciously or unconsciously, by their helpers? If it can’t work then it can’t work, no matter what they say this time.

  2. alizah
    alizah says:

    Hi Rachel,
    people have all kind of opinions. Rav Shteineman z”tl endorsed the autistics, but not to predict the future.
    Every human being, including Rivka and I, can make a mistake. Anyway, I still think that Rav Eliezer shlita is Eliyahu ha Novi, especially for the name of his yeshiva connecting to the novi’s famous saying in Tanach. Time will tell.

    • Rachel Erman
      Rachel Erman says:

      Maybe he is, of course, but this is my 6,5-year old take: “Why didn’t he come to my bris milah then?”
      And I didn’t want to sound too sharp, I was just pretty sure that Rivka has already reached her conclusion about the autistics and it was negative, so I was a little surprised.

  3. Molly
    Molly says:

    BH Rachel: If I remember correctly, Rivka didn’t like *any* source who tried to predict the future. However, giving insight to what is going on in the here and now was totally permissible and fine.

  4. Rachel Erman
    Rachel Erman says:

    For me, the only question here is: does facilitated communication really work or are their “prophecies”, in fact, written by their helpers? In the latter case, it would mean only that one of the helpers is a big fan of Rav Berland.

    TSIPORA says:

    last week Rav berland was talking about machiach and that now everyone will go with machiach. He also sad that machiach will go to kaver Rachel and take his mother rachel with him and go to mont nevo to awake moche rabenou. so he was speaking about machiach ben yossef

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I don’t think any of us are, Hadassa. Things have to be built on a foundation of Torah sources and Rabbinic guidance, not just autistics. God is using the autistics to move the process on, and to do a lot more ‘birur’ – and it’s definitely working!

      But this is still just a stage, and we aren’t ‘there yet’. A lot more has to happen first. But it’s very interesting to see that so many of the people who were so gung ho about all the negative things being put out by the autistics – including Erev Rav, Nibiru and most of the Jews dying before Moshiach, God forbid – have now decided the messages are unreliable.

      (Some of them are even saying that the autistics have been ‘taken over’ by the Shuvu Banim ‘cult’, which I thought was hilarious. Nothing like a good conspiracy theory with your morning coffee….)

      So, I think this is a big development at the very least in terms of weaning us off of all the internet ‘geula’ charlatans who are not rabbis, have very little true Torah knowledge, and apparently, are much more interested in ‘Armageddon’ than they are in Moshiach actually showing up, and people making teshuva and coming back to Hashem.

      So, we’ll all just keep watching and praying, and wait for Hashem to send us more clues from our true tzaddikim.

  6. Rachel Erman
    Rachel Erman says:

    Rivka, I’m sorry, but it was you who wrote not long ago that the autistics are unreliable, and not just this site, but that the whole facilitated communication is unreliable. If I remember correctly, you wrote a very long and deep article where you proved conclusively that all that stuff is completely unreliable. DId you really change your mind?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      No, I haven’t changed my mind about anything (not in relation to this, in any case). I wrote the autistics are totally unreliable in predicting the future, and that is still 100% the case here.

      All that’s going on with the autistics is that God is using them to draw attention to something He wants other Jews to start considering deeply, including:

      1) Whether they REALLY want moshiach – any moshiach – to come now, or it’s all just posturing and something to talk about.
      2) Whether they are prepared to change their own outlook, and to do the teshuva required to get to the geula.
      3) Whether they really believe in the words of our Sages, and our rabbis, both of the past, and still in our days.

      That’s what is going on here. I don’t need the autistics to tell me anything, but I believe EIN OD MILVADO – absolutely everything I hear, from any source, is a message from Hashem about something He wants me to pay attention to, consider, fix etc. That’s why I continue to let psychos comment on my site (as long as they aren’t speaking badly of other Jews), because even the negative things they say to me for sure contains a grain of something that God wants me to consider and perhaps do teshuva about.

      The autistics put this message out, there is something we all need to learn from it, and some re-evaluation of ourselves that is now required.

      That’s part of the birur process that will continue and intensify as we get closer to Moshiach being truly revealed 100%. The people who really want that reality have nothing to fear, and will welcome this process. The people who don’t – are going to find it harder and harder to hang on to their version of ‘normal’.

  7. MM
    MM says:

    I have this major Q about Moshiach’s times. See, though i was born FFB, i never really belonged.

    For one thing, most others in FFB society (as i was growing up) thrived on mental challenges, intellectual stimulation, and were super-brilliant & quick to move around & get stuff done. Full of vitality. I was never like that, rather chronically unwell and full of bodywide pain/weakness. You name it, i have it. I can’t even burp or vomit! Or smile prolongedly! (painful cheek muscles)
    Also, most Jews are pleasant-looking or downright pretty, whereas i’m ugly – no exaggeration – including tons of painful skin tags & sores.

    These days, Jewish communities are ultra-sophisticated in setting up fancy dinners, sophisticated at high-tech & finance, sophisticated in statistics about Who’s Who and who-is-related-to-who, statistics about travel, excursions, fashion, you name it.

    Again, all the latter doesn’t describe me. So if Moshiach’s times will continue to be full of such extremes in environment, metaphysical-environment, appearance, height, weight, wealth, health, pain-vs-non-pain, memory, alertness… then frankly, why would i look forward to a continuation of the torture?

    And don’t kid yourself, i’ve endured a holocaust similar to some (not all) holocaust survivors. Albeit of a different sort than Jonathan Pollard endured, not excluding metaphysical.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The answer to your question is very simple: the time of Moshiach is not going to be “full of such extremes in environment, metaphysical-environment, appearance, height, weight, wealth, health, pain-vs-non-pain, memory, alertness.”

      I hope that clears it up.

      • MM
        MM says:

        Hi, Rivka, thanks – that’s encouragingly interesting… perhaps you can email me the source, due to no eNotification?

        Speak of which, it’s only by a weird coincidence that i just now saw your response. It came about because i’d been using the search engine to see if R’Berland ever visited J.Pollard, since the former is purported as MBD and the latter as MBY. My search weirdly yielded the last sentence of my above post, which led me to click out of curiosity. Only to realize it was my own comment + your response!

        I’ve lately taken refuge in the probability that my life has been tweaked to be a “nightmarish reality illusion” within everyone’s interaction with each other (similar to the way programmers tweak some characters’ scenarios as the horror-aspect of sequential scenes).

        Also “time” for me is tweaked. I.E. not only has time speeded up on me to the Nth degree so that nothing gets accomplished, but also, often when i glance at the clock, it can be 1:11, 4:44, 7:77, 12:12 – the entire gamut. Each day brings another set of pains and negative-synchronicities. The latest is severely-painful pinprick “chilblains” all over pointer-finger, as well as non-recovering cramp at rear of left calf/thigh. That’s additional to severe varicose veins & neuropathy & much more bodywide. Granted i’m a senior-citizen spinster, but i’ve had severe neuro pains since my youth.

  8. Benjamin S. Wolfson
    Benjamin S. Wolfson says:

    Been working and researching in autism over 35 years. Board Certified Behavior Analyst. FC has been shown to be bogus so many times that it’s not even researched anymore. Not to mention how many children were torn away from loving homes because of false “communications” about abuse. As a frum Jew I’m embarrassed that anybody could believe this nonsense. No longer acceptable in court! Rabbi Watchfogel has a child with autism and his wife was taken in by this stuff. Sadly. The Gemorrah in Baba Basra, if you look in the Marsha says clearly that this “nevuah” is not from Shemayim, but from Shaidim!! Plenty of autistic people who can talk. Just ask them “When’s the Messhiach coming?” I’ve done it many times. No answers. Who says a person with autism is Halachachly defined as a “shotei?” On one of their “prophecy newsletters” they said at the time that 9/11 was due to Jews in Boro Park eating Chinese food and drinking Pepsi. Sad commentary that people, even big people can be so easily misled….

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Rav Berland has closed down the autistics, maybe for precisely those reasons: https://ravberland.com/announcing-the-autistics-retirement/

      That said, absolutely everything that happens in the world is a message from Hashem.

      Rebbe Nachman said it’s better to be a fool and believe everything – because then at least, you’ll also believe the truth – than to be a heretical ‘sophisticate’ who believes nothing.

  9. Dan More
    Dan More says:

    “I guess that fulfills the midrashim that said that Moshiach ben David will only show up when everyone has fallen into the biggest despair, and totally given up on the idea of redemption. Another prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes….”

    How could you possibly say that. There is much hope and excitement among many people during these times.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      All the deep, spiritually sensitive people I’m in touch with – Jews and non-Jews alike – have been feeling some major yeoush for a long time.

      This world is a see-saw, with Esav on one side and Yaakov on the other. Yaakov has been staggering along for eons now, while Esav has been whooping it up, launching wars all over the world and sticking over-priced condo developments on anything that moves.

      But the see-saw is about to tip.

      And when that happens, Esav’s party is over.

  10. Aaron Tzvi Seldes
    Aaron Tzvi Seldes says:

    Personally you gave no absolute proof and if people can’t bring testimony and asked questions of any kind they also can’t reasonably be believed such that Rabbi Gottlieb wrote on reasons to believe.


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