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Blocking the path to Meron

All week, I’ve been wondering how you’re meant to register for L’ag B’omer in Meron.


This morning, I finally got sent a link on how to do that – and everything is totally booked up already.

You can have 5 billion people show up for a crappy concert of some crappy singer in Tel Aviv; 5 billion people show up to line the route for ‘marathons’ and bike rides all over the city of Jerusalem on a Friday morning; 5 billion show up for more ‘Yom Ha’atzmaut’ propaganda shows up and down the country…. and no-one bats an eyelid, especially the police.

Take a look at what happened in Elad on Yom Ha’atzmaut on L’ag B’omer.


My kids followed the story in Hebrew, so got way more details then they let drip out on English language propaganda-news sites, like YWN.

So, while the YWN has headlines like THIS – which tell part of the story:

They somehow forgot to tell their audience other crucial details.



The police were called immediately these terrorists started trying to chop people to death with axes.

Hashem Yerachem.

And it took the police MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES TO SHOW UP.

By which time, the terrorists had already had ample time to kill and wound a lot of people, Hashem should avenge their blood.


That’s not all that ‘went wrong’ in Elad.

I’ve been writing for months and months and months about how the whole of Eretz Israel is now covered in hi-tech, 5….G facial recognition cameras – and this equipment is especially and particularly all over the parks.

This attack happened in a busy park in Elad.

The cameras were up and operating.

How do I know that?

Simple. You can even see them in shots of the Ibn Gabirol St park on Google Earth, taken before Yom Ha’atzmaut:


Anyone can clearly see the 5….G facial recognition cameras, and cute ‘Directed Energy Weapon / Active Denial’ horns-disguised-as-speakers, exactly like they used to kill 45 people in cold blood in Meron, last L’ag B’omer.

I zoomed in on the right hand speakers from Elad in the picture below.

You can clearly see an array of 4 white horn speakers placed above the 5…G facial recognition camera in Elad, below:


Compare and contrast with the Active Denial gear we saw in Meron, last L’ag B’omer:


And yet still…. it took the police 5 whole minutes to come, while a bunch of people got chopped to death in the Ibn Gabirol park by axe-wielding terrorists.



I went to look up the address of the main police station in Elad.

It’s apparently on ‘R Yehuda HaNasi Street’:


Then, I stuck ‘R Yehuda Ha-Nasi Street’ into Google Earth, and measured the distance between the main area where the police station is apparently located, and the park on Ibn Gabirol Street where the axe murders took place:

It’s less than half a kilometre away.

How on earth could it have taken the Elad police more than five minutes to have shown up at the park, in which time the terrorists had already murdered 3 people, seriously injured 4 more – and also managed to run away?


Go to Google Earth and do the ‘street view’ of R Yehuda HaNasi street for yourself. You’ll see the big, wide, modern, two lane street that segues directly into Ibn Gabirol Street.

It makes totally no sense that it took the police 5 minutes to show up at that location, when the police station is located less than half a kilometre away.

Someone could even have walked there faster.


There’s even more that went ‘wrong’ in Elad.

I’m waiting for the name, so I can verify independently, but one of my daughters told me straight after the attack that one of the deputy mayors of Elad was interviewed – and he was furious about what had happened.

Apparently, this deputy mayor had warned that Elad was at risk of a terror attack weeks before it happened, because of the huge wave of building in the city that was bringing a lot of Palestinian workers into the city, unsupervised.

Again, I don’t take ANYTHING at face value, these days, so I am waiting for the name, so I can properly check this out, and come to a view about what might really be going on here, but my daughter told me that this deputy mayor was so concerned, he started stopping and checking cars himself last month – until the police in Elad stopped him.

And then, they opened a case against him for disrupting the work of the police.

I will verify the details of this story once I have more details.

Either the deputy mayor was mamash a prophet…. or he had an inkling that something was coming down the pipe, for the poor residents of Elad, another way.


Watch THIS video of the Shabak apparently capturing the terrorists in the forest of Elad, apparently after ‘6o hours’, and apparently having them show them exactly where they tossed the axe in the undergrowth – which they could apparently remember super clearly, and which apparently it never crossed the terrorist’s minds to try and bury or hide or destroy the murder weapon – and come to your own conclusions, about how much of this story makes sense.


Watch all the State of Israel’s paid rabbinic patsies put out rulings about bringing guns to synagogue on Shabbat (!) – and understand that once again, the religious public is being ‘set up’ here.


And in the meantime.

Let’s return to Meron, which is nearly always crawling with police, who apparently have nothing better to do than to beat up chareidi Jews trying to pray there.

For the first time in ten years, me and my husband can’t get to Meron for L’ag B’omer.


Because the police deliberately killed 45 people in cold blood last year (on the orders of our previous PM…), and are now using these murders as an excuse to take down the whole of L’ag B’omer.

While the ‘rational retards’ in our midst are still arguing the toss about whether angels – and evil – really exist, the Freemason-Frankists who are running this country from behind the scenes are totally cognisant of the spiritual power of our true tzaddikim, like Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

That’s why they are going after the true tzaddikim with all their might.


How much longer do you think God is going to put up with all this, that is the question?

Judging by what happened to the late Miriam Naor – previous head of the ‘cover-up what really happened in Meron’ investigation committee, until she unexpectedly croaked a few months’ ago – not very much longer.

And in the meantime….

The spiritual corruption of the State of Israel, and the institutions within it, continues to grow each day.

But the cup of wickedness is almost full.



Reader Becky posted the link to the interview with the politician in Elad, who complained a month ago about the lack of security in the city.

You can see it in the Hebrew HERE:


As is my way, I went to look up if I could find out more about Yaniv Badalov, the guy mentioned above.

Bizarrely, I got to his Youtube channel HERE.

Here’s the Yom Atzmaut video he posted from 11 months ago (although it says they are celebrating the 72nd Independence Day, which is 2 years ago… when we were all locked down. So not sure what’s going on there.)


The National Religious [Dati Leumi] community in Elad celebrates independence 72 years ago. Yishai Lapidot and friends host the mayor-Rabbi Yisrael Porush ,the rabbi of the community – Barb Nachshon Shlit”A, the council member – Adv. Yaniv Badalov and more…

HERE is his law firm, in Elad:


Now, another strange connection is between Elad and former Major General Gal Hirsch.

Gal Hirsch carried the can for the failures of ‘Lebanon II’ under Dan Helutz and Ehud Olmert (remember them?!)

You can read more about him HERE.

But then he popped up in Elad to ‘volunteer’ to oversee the Covid 19 ‘response’ for Homeland Security, which you can read all about HERE, on a long piece he wrote as part of his role as an affiliate with the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, based in Herzliyya.

If you go HERE, you’ll find lots of former senior ‘police and army’ people hanging out at the ICT, from across the world.

At this stage, I don’t find that reassuring.

I have no idea who is funding the ICT, either.

(I mean, specifically….)

Here’s what it says on the About page:

ICT is a non-profit organization located at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya, Israel which relies exclusively on private donations and revenue from events, projects and programs.


Yeah, it’s a cut-out.

But a cut-out for who?

That is the question.


To get back to Gal Hirsch, he apparently built up the Georgian army after leaving the IDF; got probed for tax evasion; and headed up the failed ‘Magen’ party which ran in the 2019 elections in Israel.

Before all that, he was going to get nominated as Police Commissioner for the State of Israel back in 2015, but then a bunch of scandals magically erupted to stop all that from happening.


When he was running as head of the ‘Magen’ party, one of his political puff pieces ran in the Jpost HERE, where I found out he’s also connected to something calling itself the Israel Leadership Institute.

If you click on that link, you’ll find another website staffed by a bunch of ex-IDF elites, talking about raising the next generation of leaders in Israel, with links to a bunch of xtians back in the States.

They have a charity set up specifically in the US, too, called The Israel Leadership Institute North-America.


I’d love to tell you what they really do, and who is really funding them.

But I can’t.

Here’s a screenshot from one of their workshops:


Eeki Elner is the founder of this organisation, and is another former IDF guy – who keeps showing up in ‘messianic’ contexts on the web.

Like this, from HERE:


And also, this popped up HERE:


I went to check out who ‘Joel Chernoff‘ is –  found an old blog for him HERE.

This comes from the About section there:

Joel has many different roles within the Messianic movement; he is the General Secretary of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA), and Vice President of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance (IMJA).

Since 1915, the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America is the single largest association of Messianic Jewish and Gentile believers in Yeshua in the world.

In his role as General Secretary of the MJAA Joel is responsible for providing over $85 million worth of humanitarian aid to Israel; creating means for needy Russian Jews to make aliyah or immigrate to Israel; as well as dig fresh water wells and coordinate humanitarian aid efforts to reach more than 50 third world villages of Messianic Jewish people in Ethiopia.


$85 million bucks!

No wonder all these former IDF people are chewing his hand off.

As you can probably tell, I now have way more to research again.

At this stage, I have no idea what’s really going on here.

But hopefully, God will enlighten us all soon, one way or another.


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  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    “…on Yom Ha’atzmaut on L’ag B’omer.” —?

    Rivka, are you saying, when La”g ba’Omer comes, we should look at what happened in Elad on Yom ha’Atzmaut? I’m sorry, I’m not sure I’m grasping what you’re referring to.

    As you well know, Yom ha’Atzmaut and La”g ba’Omer can’t coincide, so it can’t be that.

    It does seem as though the S-F-F system is in the habit of turning a blind eye to what goes on in Torah-observant neighborhoods, cities, towns and villages even when local leadership advises the state that something’s about to happen.

    And yesterday on A-7 I saw comments that blamed one of the victims (a shuttle driver) for picking up Arabs right at the ripped-up part of the fence they were coming through. Even though he was accustomed to being sent there to pick up these same Arabs. It reminds me of something that happened in the 1970s, when a certain man, a Jew, would go to an Arab village to help them out for at least a decade — I seem to recall — and, with help from the outside, they ganged up on the Jew one day and killed him.

    Here we go again.

    Please, Abba, do we need to wait until the cup is absolutely full?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      No specific connection with the days, the connection is really just ‘the police’, and how almost none of these terror attacks make sense when you examine the details, and suggest that the security establishment is either giving these terrorists full rein to kill people for as long as possible, before showing up due to stratospheric ‘incompetence’ – or (more believably….) totally on purpose.

      • Hava
        Hava says:

        Yes, the more this continues, the more I am convinced they have been doing this on purpose, davka.

        They can’t seem to learn the obvious lessons that even a 13-year-old could teach them. That’s how old I was when during a radio newscast where they were talking about a forbidden part of our newly-won land, I asked myself, “why can’t a Jew walk and live on any part of the land he wants?!”

        Only two years from the 6-Day War and the news is telling us where we can go and what we can do?!

        Besides Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemason (thanks to you), I have other names for this system: the Frankenstein System (the monster was cobbled, too, from many body parts. In this case, the monster is also cobbled from a number of forms of governance foreign to the Jewish nation.) and the Moloch System (periodic bloodletting of Jewish citizens and even visitors, including children, seems to be their thing).

  2. Becky
    Becky says:

    I also noticed that a lot of the horns and cameras in my area are focused around city parks- any idea as to why that would be?

    Also, after the attack, I noticed Porush all over the news sites. It struck me as odd.
    Shouldn’t the police or army officials react to a security event? Why is the mayor all over the news?
    I would hope he is innocent, but I also recall there may have been some funny business when he was elected as mayor a few years ago.

    Another point, what were the police/soldiers doing all this time that people were hiding out in their homes? It kind of reminds me of the lockdowns two years ago.
    Here’s a press conference with Porush and Gal Hirsch, the Elad official who oversaw corona matters. I think it might hold a clue as to what’s really going on:
    Out of everyone, why would this guy (i.e. Gal Hirsch) help the city with corona and why would he now help the city with its response? What’s the connection and why is there a press conference held about it?

    This might be the article that you’re looking for:

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Thanks so much for the links. I’m taking a careful look at them – in particular, the connection with Gal Hirsch.

      Don’t know why, that’s striking me as weird…. So we’ll follow the hunch and see if it’s founded, or not.

  3. nechama
    nechama says:

    Personally, I believe this was staged, police knowing, and monitoring all this bc of the political atmosphere; they want Bennett out, the Arabs are pushing to take over the state government. It’s no co-in-ci-dence all these attacks. Esp when the police stopped the dep mayor from checking cars. We have another st sponsored “operation” in the making.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Chernoff is one of the biggest names, and head of one of the biggest founding families, in the Messy movement. I used to know him and family well.
    A world class ahole.


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