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Bingo: The ‘Jewish Christian’ connection

Jewish Christians

This is probably going to be one of the most important posts I’ve put together.

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a ‘deep dive’ on learning what happened to the early xtian movement in Eretz Yisrael – and what I learned is a game-changer. Not least, for all those xtians out there who keep trying to blame everything that’s going wrong in the world on ‘the Jews’.

If you look online, there is now alarming amounts of hatred against Jews, and their so-called ‘synagogue of Satan’ coming out of the woodwork in the alt-media, and particularly on sites and associated with fundamentalist xtians.

But as we’re about to learn, all the stuff they are blaming on ‘Jewish bankers’, etc, can actually be traced to a group of people who are NOT Jews – and haven’t been for 2,000 years.

Rather, they are the descendants of various branches of ‘Jewish Christians’, who were oppressed by both the Roman Catholic and Byzantine (Greek Orthodox) churches – and so went underground.

Because there is a lot of ground to cover, I’m going to format this post as bullet points, and keep things very tight. There’s a LOT of implications from this information, but we’ll cover that in more detail – or not – in future posts.


Let’s begin.



Where are all these ‘Jewish Christians’ coming from?

Off the back of the posts making the connections between ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ and the SHACH, and also, how the Sadducees seem to have morphed into the Karaites, and the Karaite connection to ‘Khazar’, I started researching where all this overlap between the core Jewish community and these ‘Jewish xtians’ court Jews actually began.

The answer is shocking:

It began literally 2,000 years ago, and has continued ever since.

In order to understand what is really going on in our own community, and how it’s been so compromised for so long, I had to start learning about what was really going on in the first three centuries of the xtian church.

That is the information I’m going to share with you now – as even most xtians have no idea about what was really going on back then.


FACT 1: Many of the first apostles and ‘early church fathers’ were actually Jesus’s brothers.

For now, we are going to park the discussion of whether Yoshki was fathered by a Roman soldier, or not, and all the other discussions you find in places like the Toldot Yeshu, about him being a mamzer. I will cover this angle in another post.

Also, it seems obvious that Jesus was married, and did have his own children – but again we’ll cover that in more detail in another post, if required.

What is beyond question, and what is even clearly mentioned in the New Testament is that Jesus had a bunch of brothers.

And most of his family members were part of his movement, and were part of his group of 12 apostles.

All the blood relatives of Yoshki are known by the term ‘Desposyni’.

We will come back to this angle of the story another time.


FACT 2: Jesus was only made ‘divine’ and the product of a miraculous virgin birth after 325 CE.

That’s when the Roman Emperor Constantine formally adopted xtianity as the religion of the Roman Empire – and basically suppressed a whole bunch of historical information about who Yoshki really was, in order to make ‘Roman’ xtianity a better ‘fit’ with pagan views.

Until that point, it was widely known that Yoshki was married; and that most of the church’s founding fathers were his family members.

In fact, the Romans had spent the last 2-300 years trying to track down Yoshki’s family members so they could eradicate them, to try and prevent the movement from growing and spreading.


FACT 3: There were deep divisions between the members of the early church.

After Yoshki’s death, the movement was headed up by his brother ‘James’ (Ya’acov), who was proclaimed the first ‘bishop’ of Jerusalem.

Now, there’s a lot of strange things going on with James, so I’m just going to mention some of them, with the understanding that the research is still a work in progress, and that there is so much deliberate disinformation going on, we may never really know the total truth.

James appears to have been a priest in the Temple, maybe even an alternate ‘High Priest’.

If this is true, then that also makes ‘Yoshki’ a Cohen, and it also starts to link up with the heretical priests who schismed out as ‘Sadduccees’, ‘Boethusians’, and Essenes.


‘Bishop James’ and the rest of Yoshki’s family were observant, orthodox Jews – who believed that Yoshki was the moshiach.

After Yoshki died, in whichever way he died, they expected him to ‘rise from the dead’ and complete his mission of bringing the geula.

They had their main ‘Jewish Christian’ synagogue on Mount Zion, apparently next to the current Tomb of David, and the Armenian Church up the road claims to be built on the ruin of James’ old house.

‘Bishop James’ continued leading the movement in Jerusalem for 30 years after Yoshki’s death (I’m deliberately leaving dates out, as that’s something I need to look at in a separate post.) 

The New Testament teaches that James was thrown off the ‘pinnacle of the temple’ into the Kidron Valley – i.e. he was apparently stoned to death, by being shoved off the temple walls.


There is a xtian tradition that ‘Bishop James’, Yoshki’s brother, was buried close by in a tomb that archeologists later identified as belonging to a priestly family from the time of the Maccabees called ‘Bene Hezir’.

If James and Yoshki were actually cohanim, there are more possible links.

And in terms of the timing of all this, the Jewish sources that have Yoshki as the student of Yehoshua Ben Perachya suggest everything happened at least 100 years earlier than xtianity says.

Lastly, ‘Bene Hezir’ could actually be read ‘Bene HAZIR’ – the sons of a pig.

Which kind of fits the whole story.

But I digress.


Yoshki and the earliest xtians are persecuted by the Jewish community in Jerusalem, because they are heretics.

It’s not even so much that Yoshki and his followers believe that he’s the ‘moshiach’ – although that becomes a huge problem after he’s actually dead.

And it’s not even so much that Yoshki is using black magic to do his miracles and ‘persuade’ more and more Jews to follow him and his movement, although these acts were also punishable by death.

The bigger problem is that Yoshki is mamash trying to set up a new religion, and to come away from the Torah.  He claims that large parts of the Torah weren’t written by God, and so don’t need to be followed (just like Reform….). His biggest ‘problem’ is the sacrificial service in the Temple, which he and his followers are continually railing against.

And that ‘anti sacrifice’, anti -Torah vibe continues throughout the New Testament.


That said, Yoshki and ‘Bishop James’ are only interested in creating this new religion for Jews, and they still expect all new converts to xtianity to keep kosher and shabbat, to pay some sort of ‘lip service’ respect to the Torah, and to become circumcised.


One of the biggest persecutors of Yoshki at this time is ‘Saul of Tarsus’.

Long story short, long after Yoshki’s death, ‘Saul of Tarsus’ says he has an epiphany on the road to Damascus, and is now a big believer in Yoshki, who calls himself ‘Paul’.

‘Bishop James’ and the rest of Yoshki’s family and followers don’t really believe him, and don’t really trust him, but at least initially, he’s making a very good show of being sincere, so they kind of ‘go with it’.

From Jewish sources, it seems very likely that ‘Saul / Paul’ was actually deliberately trying to take ‘xtianity’ away from the Jewish community, and to make a deliberate break between ‘xtianity’ and Judaism.

And he does that very well.

He goes on a lot of ‘missions’ preaching xtianity to non-Jewish communities all over the place – but basically teaches that it’s enough just to believe in Yoshki, and people don’t have to get circumcised, or keep the other commandments for Jews.


Long story short:

Before long, there is a huge divide in the early xtian church.

‘Bishop James’ and his group of ‘Jewish Christians’ are on one side of it, and still expecting new recruits to ‘become Jews’ first, while the communities begun by Paul are way more hellenistic and pagan, and don’t expect circumcision or basic adherence to the Torah.


FACT 4: The ‘Paulian’ version of xtianity is the one that gets adopted by Emperor Constantine, and the Roman Empire in the 4th century.

And from that point on, the ‘Jewish Christian’ version of xtianity, which is basically some version of ‘Modern Orthodox Judaism’, together with the belief that Yoshki was the moshiach, and will ‘rise again’ to finish the job, starts to be persecuted as ‘schismatic’ by the early Catholic church and increasingly goes underground.


FACT 5: The ‘Jewish Christian’ version of xtianity never disappears.

It’s practitioners are externally Jews, sometimes even pious, ascetic Jews – who happen to believe that Yoshki is the moshiach, and will come back again to finish the job.

They don’t believe Yoshki is ‘divine’, and they know that Yoshki had a large, extended family – many of whom actually continue to perpetuate this version of ‘Jewish xtianity’ down the centuries.

They hate ‘orthodox christianity’ for twisting the teachings of Yoshki, and persecuting them.

And they are probably still on a mission to ‘convert’ the rest of the Jews into believing in their false messiah.


So, to recap.

By the 4th century, you are looking at three main groups of ‘Jewish xtians’:

  • The ‘Desposyni’, or Yoshki ‘royal family‘, who go underground, because their very existence is an embarrassment to the Catholic Church’s teachings about Yoshki being divine, celibate and having no blood relatives.
  • The Jewish Christians who disagreed with Paul, and believe that Yoshki is moshiach, but not ‘divine’, and who basically keep most of the Torah’s commandments (this group is known as ‘EBIONITES’).
  • The gentile Church – ‘planted’ by Paul, who have no Torah, no circumcision, and believe Yoshki is divine and came into the world via a ‘virgin birth’.


FACT 6: The ‘Ebionites’ continue to evolve, and develop a way of life that favors communism and vegetarianism.

I.e. – ‘you’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy’.

Does this sound familiar?

The Ebionites, like Yoshki and ‘Bishop James’ before them, don’t believe that everything that is written in the Torah comes from God.

So, they ‘cut out’ the stuff they don’t like, but whatever they agree with, they make it an imperative to do.

(Again, does this sound familiar?)

So, ‘Jewish law’ is still in force, but the Ebionites make themselves the arbiters of which parts of the Torah should be followed, and also replace animal sacrifice with ‘baptism’ instead, and regular immersions in water.


Fact 7: The Talmud has a lot of references to these ‘Jewish Christian’ minim – but that information has been deliberately censored.

I will cover this aspect in more detail, in the next post, but for now it’s enough to know that these ‘Jewish Christian’ minim were still very much part of the standard Jewish community, and interacting with authentic Jews day in, day out.


In particular, these ‘Jewish xtians’ were associated with healing – albeit via avoda zara – so many people were still going to them from the Jewish community, and this is how they would ‘missionise’ more people to join their movement.

This is important to note, as there are many ‘medical doctors’ in the families of those who are known Sabbatean-Frankists, including ‘Jewish’ physicians to Kings and Queens.

So, remember that ‘Jewish Christians’ were always linked to ‘healing’, going forward.


Fact 8: These Ebionites preach ‘universalism’.

‘Interfaith’ is totally a Jewish Christian idea.


Fact 9: Around the 4th century, the Ebionites schism, and a new branch with gnostic tendencies called the ‘Elkcesaites’ is formed.

Why is this so important to understand?

Because ‘gnosticism’ basically teaches that there is a ‘good God’, and a ‘bad God’.

And that the ‘bad God’ is the one who made this lowly, physical world that is full of pain and suffering.

And that the ‘good God’ is only to be found in the spiritual realm, and that ‘enlightenment’ is when people leave their physical bodies, and return to being totally spiritual beings.


What I just wrote above explains everything that is going on right now.

Because we Jews know that Ein Od Milvado – there is only God, and God is doing everything, and God created everything, and God is only good.

But these guys are teaching that God is ‘evil’, chas v’shalom.

So, they are worshipping the ‘opposite’ of God….

And they also believe that it’s the biggest mitzva in the world to ‘release’ humanity from the suffering it endures while incarnated in a human body.

And that’s why, they really believe their plans for ‘mass murder’ are a kindness to humanity, and to the world.


We’ll come back to this in another post, but I want you to understand very clearly, that everything that is being blamed on ‘the Jews’ is actually rooted, very deeply, in xtianity itself, with it’s teachings that the ‘God of the Old Testament’ is bad.


Fact 10: Ebionite philosophy underpins the Koran, and Islam.

There were a lot of Ebionite communities in Arabia, and it’s certain that Mohammed interacted with them, and got a lot of his philosophy from them – i.e. that Yoshki was a ‘prophet’ preaching enlightenment, and that he, Mohammed, was the next prophet in that line of prophets, with the Koran.

(Separately, it’s known that Mohammed was illiterate, and that the Koran was written by Jews. More on that another time.)


I’m going to stop here, even though I have a lot more to share.

Bottom line, for this post, is that the ‘Jewish Christians’ who remained Jews never left the broader Jewish community.

They still wanted to identify as ‘Jews’, culturally.

They still believed in basic stuff like circumcision, and were proud of their Jewishness.

But at the same time, they believed that Yoshki was the moshiach, and wanted to ‘recreate’ Judaism by picking and choosing the bits of the Torah that appealed to them, and ditching the rest.

And some of them were very strict, and very ascetic in their practices, especially in relation to ‘penances’ and fasting.

(Just take a look at some of the stuff that Opus Dei practices, you’ll get the idea…)


In the next post, we will continue to trace what happened to this ‘Ebionite Jewish-Christian’ influence – who were neither ‘orthodox xtians’ nor orthodox Jews, and who actually hated both – to see if we can figure out a little more about what is going on today in our Jewish community, and how it connects up to ‘Christian Zionists’ and Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemasons.

Stay tuned.


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15 replies
  1. JR
    JR says:

    “J was only made… product of a miraculous virgin birth after 325 CE.”
    Maybe at that time the idea became dogma, but certainly, the idea was current long before that. Don’t forget that many pagan gods were believed to have been born miraculously.

  2. nechama
    nechama says:

    With respect to: “‘Saul / Paul’ was actually deliberately trying to take ‘xtianity’ away from the Jewish community, and to make a deliberate break between ‘xtianity’ and Judaism.”
    I learned that the Talmud says that the leading Rabbinim of the time feared this movement would ‘capture’ many Jews and therefore sent one of them, incognito (Paul), to sway these early followers away from the authentic Jewish community and its laws, to a more pagan practice. The rest is history (which you are delving into). I don’t have the place in the Talmud, but one could ask a very very knowledgeable student of the talmud and kabbalah (Zohar) for this info.

    • JR
      JR says:

      This is a popular theory. It’s not clear that there’s any truth to it. That being the case, it’s quite clear that early xians did (as you’ve noted) sway away from authentic Judaism into “a more pagan practice.”

  3. Chaim
    Chaim says:

    There’s a shiur from Rav Meir Eliyahu which might shed some light on the subject, in which if I remember correctly he means there may be 3 different Yoshkis from the Talmud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PeNy5eLSdg

    I have a friend who was a missionary and converted to Judaism and worked some time ago for Jews for Judaism (I think he was pretty serious in his work since he knew the NT so well), and said the Yoshki from the New Testament probably was never the one featured in the Talmud due to the difference in periods.



    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I think Yoshki got ‘moved back’ 100 years or so, to disguise more of the real story of who he was, and who he was connected to, in the Jewish world.

      To be discussed more shortly.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Schiff is mamash a descendent of these families.

      But I think it’s more what we see these people doing, and the position they hold.

      They only put ‘their own’ in these powerful positions, and it’s been like that for centuries.

      But whether it’s still ‘ideological’ for them, dafka, I don’t know.

  4. Glenn
    Glenn says:

    Hi Rivka,

    Another interesting source may be the “Caesar’s Messiah” channel/series on youtube. Basically says Josephus was a turncoat Jew who helped the Flavian Empire create a Messiah figure to keep the people calmer and discourage Maccabees wannabes.

  5. nonee
    nonee says:

    Do not mean to be rude or interfere per
    But how is all this digging around and proving this and that going to help people in general.

    We are nearing the time of Mashiach, would it not be better to focus our hearts and minds directly on Hashem, ONLY..

    This exposure what and how does it help at this point in our world.

    Sharing this video… It helped me so much. As non Jew…


    It is from 2017 and the teacher or speaker is
    Rabbi Shlomo Nachman

    Hashem help guide and lead all searching for the true Gd. amen.

    This blog helped me in the past in many things.

    Thank you Rivka., Hashem bless you.
    Not being critical of your ‘searches of the past’ just expressing my opinion.

    People need Hashem, past is past…

    Hashem is judge of ALL human beings.


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Hashem’s seal is truth. For as long as we are living in a world of lies, that keeps us ‘trapped’ far away from Hashem. Also, when we don’t know the truth about what is really causing our problems, we can’t figure out what the ‘solution’ to our problems really is.

      Yoshki is a false messiah; the orthodox xtian movement was built on lies right from the start, about Yoshki being the ‘son of God’ and born in a miraculous way, and having no family etc.

      And on top of that, xtianity is actually ‘anti-God’.

      They say they are just anti the ‘God of the old testament’, whatever that is meant to mean, but to be ‘anti’ God means you are ‘anti’ the source of all goodness in the world.

      xtians, like everyone else in the world, need to make teshuva, stop literally worshipping idols, and understand that their religion is literally pagan and ‘anti God’.

      Seperately, there is also the issue that the Jewish community is being blamed for all this NWO stuff.

      I feel it’s imperative to make it clear that the people who are behind all this stuff are NOT believing Jews, regardless of how ‘Jewish’ they look from the outside.

      They are people who believe in Yoshki, i.e. xtians, albeit a different type of xtian than the Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant churches.

      This is something that has to get ‘out there’, and to stop being covered up.

      The xtians needs to look at themselves, and the horrible things they are doing in the world – and have been doing for the last 2,000 years – instead of blaming everything on the Jews, all the time.

  6. Isak
    Isak says:

    Anyone else heard of the “Netzarim” missionary group in Israel? Basically a group of goyim trying to emulate the Ebionites. Their leader “Paqid Yirmeyahu” CONVERTED to Judaism under a Frum beis din in Florida and currently lives in Raanana, has full Israeli citizenship, and even served in the Israeli Police force. On his website he brags about how he deceived all the Rabbanim during his geirus process, and claims that he is on a community board in a Temani shul. VERY concerning

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Just did a search for him – here he is, on the Times of Israel, where of course he has a blog. (Did I ever mention that the Times of Israel refused to let me even start a blog there, way back when, because I told them I was an orthodox Jewish women who didn’t want my picture on the blog? How’s that for discrimination?)


      And here is the website for the Netzarim – which I will go and check out, thanks for the lead:



      I’ve just had a quick look at his site. This is getting crazier and crazier – it’s one things to write about ‘Hebrew Christians’ from a distance, it’s quite another when you see they have sites and books TODAY, and live in Ra’anana…. mad world.


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