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There is so much going on behind the scenes at the moment.

In case you are wondering why I’ve slowed down posting, a little, at the moment – it’s because I am working on so many different strands of research, ‘behind the scenes’ that it’s hard to know what to focus on next.

I am tripping over facts and information that is literally changing everything I thought I knew about ‘Real Jewish History’, especially from the last 400 years on.


Shabtai Tzvi was NOT some nobody-crazy-person from Salonika who managed to con the whole Jewish world into believing in him.

Really, he was a massive Rabbi – a highly-respected Torah scholar and halachic decisor from what is now part of Eastern Europe.

And we are still quoting a lot of his Torah and halachic ideas, using his real name and real persona.


Why and how was it so easy to hide all this, for the last 400 years?

The short answer is: because ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ was descended from a long line of famous Torah scholars, the family he belongs to is one of the most ‘connected’ (and honestly, disturbing…) families in the Jewish world, and pretty much every big rabbi you care to mention is related to him by birth of marriage, one way or another.

These are big claims, I know.

But I’m sitting here patiently piecing the information together to prove them – and it’s very tedious and time-consuming work.

Behind the scenes.


Connected to this, is another vein of research related to ‘xtian Jews’ – crypto-Jews who were senior ‘rabbis’ in the Jewish community, but who had a whole other identity as converted xtians, court Jews and even archbishops, in the non-Jewish world.

Again, I keep tripping over so many examples of this, and always, they are connected to same small number of ‘elite’, apparently-Jewish-with-wonderful-yichus families.

The same families that have effectively stitched-up all the positions of power and influence in the Jewish world for at least the last 600 years, and probably, way before that too.

This is the line of research that actually led to the ‘breakthrough’ piece of information that unlocked the real identity of Shabtai Tzvi.

Behind the scenes.


Then, there’s all the stuff with the eugenics agenda in the proto State of Israel, and how that is still affecting us today.

I will probably try to post something about that next, due to a plea from a reader for more information.

It’s not pinned down enough, really, to draw firm conclusions, but they asked me to put it out there anyway, so I will probably comply.

Because everything is a ‘message’ from God, and it seems to me that God wants whatever information I have already collated on this topic to be freely available now, while it’s still kinda half-baked.


Behind the scenes, I’m starting to feel that so much is moving and changing – in a good way.

The Rav is back out of prison, and in ‘house arrest’ in a better location.

As he moves out of incarceration, the rest of the world will follow him, starting with Israel.

Behind the scenes, something big is happening.

I can feel it.

And if you stop and think about it for a moment, I think maybe you’ll be able to pick that up, too.


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  1. HR
    HR says:

    Oh Rivka!!
    How I truly hope that something BIG is happening and moving at speeding light pace – as currently I am going through a tremendous amount of pain.
    Hadassa bas Avigail


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