Be brave narrow bridge

Whatever is going to happen the next few weeks, we need to be brave.

***Update on Uman below***

Brave enough to stand up for truth, if we need to.

Brave enough to admit we *might* have been wrong, about some very important things.

Brave enough to go back to try to fix the mistakes we *might* have made.

Brave enough to stop playing it safe all the time – because in case you hadn’t realised, that’s a big part of how we got into this mess in the first place.


I’m currently working on some more stuff for you – probably just as eye-opening as the last few blog posts – but while I pull that together, I just wanted to update you on the matzav in my bit of Israel.

On the masks front – way, way fewer people are wearing them than the last time they imposed a mask mandate indoors, and even the Karen’s seem to be getting a little tired of constantly telling people to mask up.

(Now I’ve said that, watch me get into a massive fight tomorrow with a mask-obsessed Karen…)

And way, way few people seem to be believing the government propaganda that there is any pandemic going on here.

And even if there is, more and more people are saying so what?!? Are we going to stay masked up and locked-down forever?!? Let’s move on with our lives!!!


Slowly, slowly, an eye is creaking up over there, a mind is opening up, over here.

It’s not at the tipping point…. yet. But it’s building towards it.

I had a phone call yesterday from someone telling me that so many of these leading rabbis and rabbanits – especially with schools and institutions for ‘gap year’ students from abroad – accepted huge amounts of cash from the government’s bribers-in-chief to make it mandatory to be fully vaccinated with the Covid 19 shots, as a condition of acceptance.

That specific information – and those specific names – will undoubtedly be coming out soon.


Rav Uri Sofer also told us very clearly that while many rabbis are simply petrified to speak out – in case the government does a ‘Rav Berland’ on them, too – many others are also just plain corrupt.

There are a lot of ‘rabbis’ out there who accepted huge wads of cash, like hundreds of thousands of shekels, to actively ‘recommend the vaccine’ to their followers.

Again, that specific information – and those specific names – will undoubtedly be coming out soon.

And then ask yourself: what’s going to happen next, in the orthodox Jewish world?


While you are pondering that, let me tell you about my trip to the Dead Sea this morning.

I went down to an area that usually has free access to the Dead Sea – and has been that way for years – and where a lot of people typically camp out, sometimes even for months at a time.

Today, I discovered that even with a jeep, it’s was borderline impossible to take a car anywhere near that area.

The government has gone in, and deliberately bulldozed huge piles of uneven rubble all around the path.

I watched one poor car that had somehow managed to drive down that huge pile literally spend over an hour just trying to drive back up it.

And they couldn’t manage it.


It’s quite a walk by foot to the campground there.

And if you are carrying heavy stuff by hand…. well.

A lot of people will just give up and stop going.

And I can’t help but suspect that’s the whole point, because I know so many people were ‘escaping’ to that area, when the lockdowns were being implemented, to try and just breathe a bit, and interact with other people without worried about the police popping out of a bush and fining them massively for having a conversation.


At the same time, there are again more and more stories of rivers and campgrounds that are known to be clean in the North being closed down again.

The excuse is the same one given a couple of years back, if you remember, in what was probably a trial run to see just how gullible and dumb all we little people really are, when it comes to believing the media and propaganda.

This comes from YNET back in August 2018 – the year before Covid 19 took off.

Strange how familiar all this sounds…


Number of leptospirosis patients in Israel rises to 42

During emergency discussion, Deputy Health Minister Litzman says his ministry is monitoring streams in northern Israel for the bacteria; ‘things are under control,’ assures ministry director-general.

I remember being up in the North when all that was happening, and still going to the streams, and speaking to the people who lived and worked right next to them.

To a man, they couldn’t understand why the media and government was spreading what they claimed was ‘lies’ about the purity of the water, effectively destroying that Summer’s tourist trade.

And to prove their point, they were washing their faces in that water enthusiastically in front of our eyes.

How much water has flown under that bridge, since then.

But is seems to me, this horrible group of corrupt crooks that we spell p-o-l-i-t-i-c-i-a-n-s, and their sidekicks in the press that we spell a-r-*-e-h-o-l-e-s are up to their usual tricks again.

This is an all-out psychological war, you see.

Nothing more, and certainly less.

So, people aren’t being fined for camping in places they have always camped in up North because the rivers are somehow now ‘dangerous’. They are being fined to close down another avenue that gives people some respite from the totalitarian government decrees, and to break their spirits.

Nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

But if we can carry on being brave, and standing up to tyranny just a little bit longer, all this will change soon.


We are so very close to the tipping point, I feel it in my bones.

Really, not much longer and this whole house of cards falls down for good.

But the last leg of this process is going to be the most fraught.

On that score, I just wanted to talk about Uman.


The Arutz 7 English website had this strange article posted up on July 28:

Uman outline: Special terminal for Hasidim, testing in Ukraine

Charter flights will be significantly reduced. As long as Ukraine is ‘green,’ travel there will be allowed


Rav Berland said last month that people shouldn’t go to Uman this year for Rosh Hashana.

Even before I found out he said that, I just didn’t have a good feeling about my husband going to Uman in the current matzav, unless the Rav was out of prison and also going this year.

Not after what happened at Meron, where again, we saw the doors magically ‘flung open’ with very little resistant shortly beforehand, because they were planning a mass murder.


If you do go, may you be blessed with every blessing, stay safe, and come home safely.

Kol hakavod, for being brave in the merit of Uman Rosh Hashana!

But for me personally, I am abiding by the advice of the Rav, Rav Berland, and this year my husband is staying home from Uman Rosh Hashana – at least, unless something massive changes the whole picture before that.


It’s really going to be a nutso few weeks.

Prepare yourself mentally.


Ein od milvado, God is all there is.

Do whatever hishtadlus you need to do, but ultimately only fear Hashem.

Very soon, we will wake from this nightmare and be like dreamers, watching the whole difficult ‘reality’ melt away in front of our eyes.





I recieved this – twice, from different people – just now on email, so I’m sharing it.

There are rumors circulating that Rav Berland said to not go to Uman this year. This is a misunderstanding. I asked Rabbi Y. what is really going on, and this is the reply:

The Rav said everyone should do whatever they can to get to Uman. Shuvu Banim is planning as usual: tickets are being sold, flights are filling, beds are being rented in the shuvu campus.

Some people understood from the Rav that there will be tremendous difficulty this year. Some decided to go early and have already gone, others are going this week and next. R Nachman Horowits is going today.

The yeshiva flights are 2 weeks before RH. Others are waiting for final word if Uman will be open. Still others understand that just as last year Rebbe Nachman closed the path because the one who opened it was locked up and prevented from coming, they believe the same will happen this year that if the Rav is prevented from coming, there wont be Uman again.

There are daily prayers held that the Rav should get to Uman, that is the main thing to pray for now. If that doesn’t happen then this is the end of the Government of Israel. Their help in kedusha is the only thing that kept them standing until now.

There is also a strong belief that even though there is tremendous benefit in all the preparation and effort, in reality there wont be Uman. The Rav has hinted that the kibbutz will be in a certain place… like last year…. There is also a fear that Uman RH will be similar to Meron Lag Baomer, based on what was said last year that only if there is Meron Lag Baomer can there be Uman Rosh Hashana and we saw that exact replay last year.

Bottom line is that RH with the tzaddik is only about kissufim and mesirus nefesh can never and will never come easy. We won’t know and we can’t know until it happens. One thing we cannot do is sit with our arms folded אין כוחנו אלא בפה and ולא נדע איך נעבוד את השם עד בואנו שמה


FYI my husband davens every morning at Shuvu, and hasn’t heard a dickie bird about Shuvu Banim flights this year, so if there are flights, it seems they are being done way more discreetly than in previous years.

As always, each person needs to do their own hitbodedut, and the level of being by Rabbenu for Rosh Hashana is tremendous.

Just this year, at least for my husband and me, we don’t seem worthy of it.


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6 replies
  1. Rachel Erman
    Rachel Erman says:

    I just don’t understand: if Rebbe Nachman told his followers to always come to him for Rosh Hashana, how can Rav Berland say no to go this year? Is he more important than Rebbe Nachman?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There is the Tzaddik HaEmet, and in every generation, there is his ‘student’, the Tzaddik HaDor for that particular time and place.

      It’s the same idea with the written and oral Torah – you could make exactly the same statement, and of course, Karaites, Reform and xtians do, all the time, pulling down the legitimacy of the Oral Torah.

      R Berland has nevuah, and sees a lot of things that we don’t – as has been publically proven over and over and over again.

      If you hold that to be true, then you will follow what he is saying as clearly, there is something of great import behind his instructions. Rav Berland opened the path to Uman. This is the first year he’s ever told people not to go for Rosh Hashana.

  2. Yakov Butterfield
    Yakov Butterfield says:

    As the saying goes “Trust the Government as far as you can throw them”. Namely Don’t. Their goal is to Kill as many Jews as they can. Remember what happened in Meron just a few months ago. 45 Dead and 150 seriously injured. The current government in Kiev are Literally Ukrainian Nazis and they hate both Jews and Russians. They would love to have another Aviation Accident as what happened a few years ago. Remember what happened at the Ukrainian border last year with thousand of families stuck there before Rosh Hashanah. Be Creative with all the Covid rules and regulations. The Ministry of Health is run by fools.

  3. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    The Rav did not say “do not go”. He said that there will be many difficulties this year. Please double-check your source.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      My source is part of the Shuvu Banim community, and is also directly connected to the Rav, and that’s what they told me he said last month.

      The Rav sometimes gives different messages via different channels. And that’s ok.


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