In the middle of my ‘bad mood’ a few days ago, I got an email telling me about an upcoming trip to Kever Yosef.

I literally just read a prayer from Rav Berland talking about how every judgement, every harsh din in the world can get sweetened, in the merit of Yosef HaTzaddik – so I called up and booked two places on the bus leaving from Jerusalem, on Hoshana Rabba.

I’m really missing Uman at the moment…. And also the Rav.

And I really felt like I needed to up my dose of ‘Tzaddik Power’, so really it was a no-brainer to book the tickets for Kever Yosef, despite the somewhat difficult experience I had last time I was there.


Half an hour before we’re meant to set off, one of my kids (who has connections in the Shomron) phoned to tell me:

Ima, it’s cancelled.

What?! I didn’t hear that it was cancelled?!

That’s what my friends who live close to Shechem are telling me….

I call the automated number for the Kever Yosef trips, and there is no message saying they cancelled.

So I said to my husband, yalla, let’s still go and see what’s happening. Maximum, we’ll end up at Shimon HaTzaddik instead.


We get to the bus stop in Meah Shearim early, and hang around for half an hour, waiting to see what will be.

At 9.30, a really harassed chubby chareidi guy shows up on a bus, and as the usual ‘crowd surge’ towards the doors happens – almost taking my mitpachot off in the crush – the guy starts screaming that everyone should calm down.

You don’t understand what the army did just now, they cancelled all the other six buses from Jerusalem, and 30 other buses from the rest of the country. This is the only bus going now from Jerusalem, and you only get on if you already bought a ticket!!!


It seems God really wanted us to get to Shechem yesterday.


Long story short, we were hanging around for hours on the outskirts of the city, until the army finally gave permission for us to go in.

15 minutes before that happens, my kid calls me.

Ima, we got a tremp to the entrance of Shechem. Do you think the buses will let us on?

Man, that kid drives me bonkers.

I tell her the best bet is to come where the buses are parked – but it’s highly unlikely any of them will let her and her friend on tonight.


Five minutes later, my husband spots this kid of ours running past our bus, and getting on the bus in front of us.

The cousin of one of her really good friends was driving it, so against all the odds, she got on the bus – and she also to the Kever before anyone else, and had it to herself for 5 minutes.

Her bus got stoned on the way in.

Here’s how that looked:


I’ve been to Shechem a few times, but I’ve never seen so much army there before.

Our bus wasn’t stoned, but we see burning tyres on the floor all over the place, as we drive in.

The bus pulls up by the Kever, and we all stream out.

I get to be in the Kever, next to my kid, for approximately half a minute, before a woman starts screaming at me that I should move out the way and let other people come in.

I don’t mind.

I know from Uman that the koach of the Tzaddikim extends around their graves for 2 kilometres – even just getting to Shechem counts as ‘visiting’ Kever Yosef.


Some locals from Itamar brought a guitar and some bongos, and start playing music in the courtyard outside the tomb.

So I go and dance around a bit with them, and clap my hands to ‘sweeten all the judgements’, in the merit of Yosef HaTzaddik.

I suddenly see a massive, new 5G tower – like the one on the Mount Zion Hotel – on the roof directly behind the tomb, so that really focusses me as to what ‘judgements’ need working on.

In the meantime, a chareidi guy walks past me with a massive roll of schach on his shoulder, ready for the sukkah a bunch of other chareidi guys are working really hard to get set up, so people can make a bracha at the site.

People are dancing, people are praying, people are eating, people are putting schach on a succah in the middle of Shechem in the middle of the night…

Suddenly, I feel so much love and appreciation, for this crazy ‘Am’ that I am a part of.


Suddenly, there’s a loud, prolonged burst of gunfire that sounds like it’s really close to the tomb.

Here’s a little of how that sounded:

(Inside the tomb, we couldn’t actually see what was going on, other than the sky suddenly lit up bright orange for a few seconds.)


All of a sudden, the party is over.

A few worried-looking soldiers come in to tell us to go back to the buses, ASAP.


It wasn’t scary, even with all that happening.

Today on the Jpost, they are writing that two soldiers were lightly injured in Nablus yesterday, one when a bomb was thrown, and another by a rock.

My bus was parked next to two of the older army guys, who were obviously the senior commanders on the ground. Neither of them were wearing full combat gear, and they were both looking totally chilled and calm, even laughing and joking around a little with each other.

Nothing in Israel is really what is seems.

And even these ‘Arab Uprisings’ are all carefully orchestrated and performed, to keep the public’s attention away from other things, and to ‘maintain unity’ amongst the Jewish population, in the face of a ‘common enemy’.


After I got a text from the kid telling me she was also on a bus, I relaxed, as we drove back out of Shechem, and then back to Jerusalem.

Trips to Kever Yosef are never dull.

Like trips to Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, you always get way more than you bargained for.

That’s part of how you know you’ve really been by a True Tzaddik, as the difficulties of the journey in and out is what builds the vessel to contain all the light available by their tombs.


Before I left for Shechem, I got a message that Rav Berland is meant to be totally freed on October 28, but that the State of Israel – and the Frankist-Freemasons who run it, including their representatives in Meah Shearim – are doing their best to send him back to prison, instead.

If that happens, it will be a total disaster for you and me, because when the Rav gets out, we all finally get out of this Covid madness, and this ‘prison’ of force masking and force vaxxing.

And these Frankist-Freemasons know that – way more than we do – so they are trying to renege on the plea bargain they made with the Rav’s lawyers, to send him to prison mamash for another six months.

Open your eyes, see what is happening here!


So yesterday, along with praying for the downfall of 5G, Covid, Pfizer, nanotech, the government, DARPA, and a few other things besides, I was also really praying for the Rav to be totally freed, come October 28th, 2021.

And of all the prayers yesterday, that is the one that I hope will most be answered, in the zchut of Yosef HaTzaddik.

Because when the Rav finally gets out of prison, we all get out with him.


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4 replies
  1. Glenn
    Glenn says:

    Hi Rivka,

    The 28th? I heard Rav Berg says a month or so ago when talking about Pidyons, that it was the 12th. Not surprised really just was hoping sooner.


  2. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    I love Kever Yosef! I still remember my visit there with Nadia Matar like it was yesterday. How I wish I could go too.

    But here in the Catskills, this morning’s Hoshanah Rabbah Tefillah was so beautiful I was in tears.

    And this week I am clearly seeing Hashem’s power over the world, with the developments in La Palma Island. Yesterday, after checking out the situation in depth, I decided to join my son for his birthday trip to the Atlantic ocean, with the kids. I decided to trust Hashem, that nothing would happen to us. And sure enough it was the most meaningful and beautiful beach experience I ever had. I just saw Hashem’s power in the world. And as much as I would like to see all the main evil ones washed away, of course Hashem is in charge. What happened this morning, while Israel was praying Ana Hashem Hoshiya Na? All of a sudden the volcano stopped. So I thought: OK, that is Hashem’s decree. But lo and behold, it turns out pauses like this one in a volcano are quite common and mean nothing. So now all is in Hashem’s Hand – as it always was, of course: is the volcano going to resurge, which would mean a tsunami on the East Coast of the US, from everything I have been seeing and reading, and then the UN and other such institutions would drown, while million innocents would be at great risk? Or has Hashem decreed that the evil ones and good ones will continue as before? Hashem wants the teshuva of the evil ones, while we want their destruction. So which one will it be?

    Was the decree sweetened by your prayers in Israel ( ours came later) and the Rav’s prayers? But if so, what does it mean for the future of the evil ones? When will they all finally disappear, whether in the ocean, on a rope, or wherever else???

    I hope you are not shocked by my musings.

    Chag Sameach to you, Rivka, and to all your readers.


  3. Adelle
    Adelle says:

    barur that you went!! I was scheduled to go the last two times and they were both canceled. shocker. any pretense. and of course they’d want to get emotions high and cancel at the last minute, davka Yosef hatzadik. in the end I decided to cancel my spot for this hoshana rabba trip because I didn’t want to leave the sukkah. I wasn’t surprised it was canceled last minute and I’m overjoyed that some were there and it’s so clear to me that of course you would be included.

    b’zchut Yosef hatzadik!!


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