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Yesterday, I took a day off from blogging the mad world to go and visit the Baba Sali’s grave in Netivot.

Last week, it was the Baba Sali’s hiloula, and despite not having a green pass, my daughter – and a whole bunch of other people who don’t have the precursor-to-the-digital-ID-green-pass – basically still got in to the site, briefly, to celebrate.

I don’t like big crowds, generally, so even before Covid, I usually go to these things a few days later.

So it was, that I fired up the car and headed off to Netivot.


Last time I was in Netivot, I was verbally assaulted by a psychotic individual who now has a paid job by the Baba Sali telling people to ‘put their masks over their nose’.

She literally ran at people and grabbed their tehillim out of their hands, screaming at them maseka! maseka!

What a kiddush Hashem!

When she came over screeching at me, I got so upset with her I ended up having to leave the compound.

Because I was getting a serious urge to punch her lights out, and there were enough kiddush Hashems going on by the Baba Sali that day, as it was.


That psycho was there again yesterday.

And still screaming maseka! maseka! at people, mamash like wearing a mask is now mitzvah Number 614.

So, I snuck into the room where the Baba Sali’s wife is buried, kissed it – totally without wearing a mask – and then basically ran away to the candles.

The candles at the Baba Sali are something else.

I have learned more lessons, got more advice, received more ‘inspiration’ from the Baba Sali’s candles than anything else, in that compound.

And yesterday was no different.


I bought two boxes of white, wax candles from the kiosk, and headed over to the place where you light the yahrtzeit candles, a big, covered iron grill, that stands 3 metres wide and 2 metres high.

People just literally toss their candles into the flames by the handful.

And I have to say, it’s way more exciting to do things that way.

But yesterday, the ‘fire’ was not very big, and not very raging.

So even though I was tossing my candles fairly accurately, only about half of them started to burn.


God, I’m not moving from here until all the candles light up, with the light of the true tzaddikim, with the Baba Sali’s light!

I had most of an hour to kill anyway, doing hitbodedut there, as the tomb itself was effectively under the control of people who put Mitzvah 614 – Thou shalt permanently wear a mask – above all others.

And during that time, I watched so many different people come and go, trying to light their candles, and attach that ‘light’ to the Baba Sali.

Bald man with earrings and red tracksuit bottoms; old ladies in eye-popping glittery tops that matched their shoes; young ‘religious’ women, with two headscarves and one very big mask, pulled all the way up, outside, pushing a stroller; old guys asking for charity; secular-looking teenagers who weren’t quite sure what they were doing there….

Everyone came to light their candle.


And as I watched them, I thought to myself:

This is how the light of geula and redemption actually spreads…with each person doing their part, and contributing their light and their koach and their yearning, until even those candles – those souls – at the very edge of the world finally also ignite.

But in the meantime, most of my ‘lost candles’ were still unlit, and with 10 minutes to go until I headed for home, I was starting to think that maybe my story wasn’t going to have the happy ending I was hoping for.


That’s when the crazy woman showed up.

An older, frum woman, masked up to the eyebrows, who was carrying a large plastic bag full of ‘stuff’ that she wanted someone to dump on the burning pile of candle wax.

Geveret, this is not a bonfire, it’s a place for lighting candles for the tzaddikim!!! An exasperated middle-aged man, with  earrings, a designer puffa jacket and no kippa, screamed at her.

But she just wouldn’t back down.

Geveret, it’s so bad for the environment to burn plastic like that!!!

But she still just wouldn’t back down.

After a loud conversation that lasted about three minutes, she somehow managed to persuade Mr Secular Puffa Jacket himself to jump over the stone barrier surrounding the candle place, and to carefully dump her big plastic bag straight on the fire.


That was impressive.

I stood there watching all the layers of plastic and who-knows-what-else, melt into the holy candles – and strange to say, my heart rejoiced.

Two minutes later, the whole right side of the candle grill was lit up with a roaring inferno – and every single one of my lost candles disappeared in that blaze.

The light of the true tzaddikim, God’s light, IS going to reach every last ‘lost soul’ out there.

The pintele yid in each person IS going to light up, and burn all this bad and evil out of the world.

But each of us has to do our part, to add our light and our prayers to that holy bonfire.

That’s the message that I got from the Baba Sali yesterday.


I came home, and settled down to watch a documentary about the Russian Revolution, and how the Frankist-Freemason Jews I’ve been writing about here on the blog, were all over it.

(I got sent the link by a fellow blogger.)

I already knew a lot of the information, but there was still a great deal that I learned, and more that I now need to research, to start filling in more of the gaps about what these ‘Frankist-Freemasons’ have really been up to the last couple of centuries.

Including in Israel.

Because the same people who financed and orchestrated the ‘anti-religion’ Bolshevik take-over in Russia in 1917, were also behind the creation of the secular, communist/socialist State of Israel in 1948.

And today, they are behind the ‘4th Economic Reset’ and the Covid plandemic, with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum telling us:

Go HERE, to watch the full, nauseating clip where they state this Communist ideal.

And remember, they tried this already in Israel, with the failed experiment that was the Kibbutzim.


So, how does Mein Kampf fit into all this?

That documentary included a clip of an orthodox Rabbi, talking about the ‘Jewish Communists’ that Hitler wrote about, in his opus Mein Kampf.

When I heard what he said, I got goosebumps.

Because we are literally dealing with the same evil, the same ideas today – particularly here, in the State of Israel, which is gearing up its campaign to ban the brit mila and destroy even more of our Torah values, mitzvot and communities.

Just like they did 100 years ago, in Russia.

And that’s at least a big part of why no-one likes to talk about the ‘Freemason-Frankist’ Jewish role in the carnage that became known as the Bolshevik Revolution.

Because those people, and their descendants, are trying the same trick again, in our times.



Tatty, come and rescue us from this evil already!

We can’t take much more.


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