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A good Rosh Hashana

When most people get back from Uman, I’ll tell you more of the story of what happened with the Rav this year. In the meantime, almost 30,000 people made it out to spend Rosh Hashana with Rabbenu, which is truly awesome, and I take my hat off to every single one of the people who […]

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The light in Uman

So, what’s going on in Uman right now? If you’re still holding by the ‘news’, you’re probably expecting something very different from what is really going on there. Here, take a look for yourself (from Thursday afternoon, yesterday): ==== It’s not just frummers who go to Uman. A large percentage of the crowd would probably […]


Meet the Sepulvedas

Ireland’s first head of state (and Yitzhak Herzog’s ‘chevruta’) was a man named Eamon de Valera. If you had your cup of coffee this morning, you probably will have already recognised something strange: The man’s name is Spanish, not Irish. ==== Again, I’m going to write this post the ‘short way’ instead of the long […]

Shana Tova – and an apology

In less than a week, it’s going to be Rosh Hashana 5783 – and I am feeling totally unprepared for it, spiritually. The last couple of years, I feel I’ve been typing up a whirlwind, trying to figure out stuff, warn people, piece mysteries together etc etc etc. Until recently, I really felt like I […]