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Monkey Pox ‘pandemic’ – all planned back in March 2021

I’ve been getting a few emails about ‘Monkey Pox’. Even the lamest fiction writer couldn’t write a script as bad as this, and anyone would believe it. I’m really hoping it’s so ridiculous, that even hardcore ‘Covid 19 believers’ will start to question what’s going on here, and finally wake up. Because hope springs eternal! […]

Time for a Kit-Kat

There used to be an advert on British TV when I was growing up that said: Have a break. Have a Kit-Kat. I’m taking half that advice, and I’ve decided to take a break from the blog until after Shavuot, because I’m honestly exhausted from all the writing and researching of the past few months. […]

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More Fake News

Just a short post, about ‘Fake News’ and how it presents itself in different ways. Exhibit 1: A new post from the DailyExpose website, HERE. The screenshot of the headline says it all: ==== Compare and contrast to THIS, from the Jpost, April 2021: ==== There are so many stories of pregnant women who lost […]

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How the State of Israel is partnering with Jews for Jesus

Just when you think the State of Israel couldn’t possibly sink any lower….you discover you are totally wrong about that. Off the back of THIS post, that started to uncover how so many of our “retired generals” in Israel are basically licking the butts of ‘Jews for Jesus’, mamash, I decided to take a closer look […]

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Simple Emuna

Last week I went to Shimon HaTzaddik. Just for 20 minutes, before I headed off to the evening prayers of the Rav, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, that happen 8:30pm every night, outside on Ido HaNavi Street. I got in, sat down – and immediately heard a booming voice coming from the men’s section, telling everyone: Halacha!! […]

A visit to ‘Pardes’

Off the back of the last post, I thought I’d take a closer look at the Pardes Institute. ***UPDATES*** First, you can see the previous post here: Modern Orthodox or ‘Frum-Reform’? Then, this is part of the exchange I started to have with one of the commentators off the bottom of that post, where I […]