lock down

Lockdown #3 comes to Israel.

But this time, things are going to be different.


This morning, me and my husband decided to drive a 4×4 trail in the forests near Jerusalem, before the country officially enters ‘Lockdown #3’, in about 20 minutes time.

We got up early, bought some sandwiches from the bakery, and headed out on a great trail, replete with ruined fortresses from the time of Israeli King Alexander Janus, and even Roman-period ‘milestones’, measuring the distance between the Roman monastery at Emmaus (now Latrun) and the holy city of Jerusalem.

When we got back, we ran around trying to fit in our ‘last’ visit to the great fruit guy at Mahane Yehuda, which is slated to be closed down again.

And then, we ran around Talpiot trying to buy enough leg wax to last a household of 3 women for a month; and then finished up by getting a few more edible plants for the garden, just in case, including some parsley and dill.


You see, in some ways, we are all now ‘lockdown pros’ in Israel, and of course in the rest of the world, too.

Most of my family is currently trapped in a severe ‘Tier 4’ lockdown in and around London.

And lockdowns have been planned over xmas and New Year for months, and months, and months all over the planet, to coincide with the wonderful mRNA experimental ‘vaccines’ that have not even been tested on a mouse.

Why waste cute little animals, when there are billions of ‘surplus to requirements’ human beings willingly queuing up to be experimented on?

Performing serious medical experiments directly on human guinea pigs is just so much more efficient, don’t you think?

(Hey, wait a minute… Haven’t we heard something like that, somewhere before?)

Spitz was a 22-year-old court reporter during the doctors’ trials at Nuremberg following World War II. In Doctors from hell: the horrific account of Nazi experiments on humans, she recounts in vivid, objective detail the horrific human experiments conducted by 20 so-called physicians and medical assistants in Germany under the direction of the Nazis.

But I digress.

Let’s get back to the lockdown.


Our totally corrupt government, and the totally corrupt leaders of the medical establishment, are telling us that this is going to be a lockdown for 2 weeks….

But of course, we all know they are lying.

We all know that we are part of another ‘boiling the frog’ scenario, where 2 weeks will morph into 4, and then 6 and then 8… whatever they think they can get away with, to totally trash the economy and force as many people as possible to lose hope of any ‘life as normal’ unless they agree to be vaccinated.

Whether you want to get vaccinated or not, that’s between you and God.

I’m not here, at this point, to try to argue with you, or to change your mind. I keep putting some interesting information out there, like this, below, from the Corbett Report, and then you make up your own minds:


(Not shmirat eynayim friendly, so if you prefer to read the transcript or listen to the audio, go HERE instead.)


But my feeling is that Ahuvya Sandek’s death is a turning point, at least here in Israel.

More and more of us are shocked to the core to see people who are meant to be protecting us – i.e., the Israeli police and the Border Police – acting mamash like the violent anti-semites of once upon a pogrom.

In the last post, I posted up another video that’s surfaced of them violently attacking a young teenage boy who committed the ‘crime’ of protesting against murderous police violence in Jerusalem, last Thursday night.

In fact, let me post it up here too, in case you missed it:



Here is what you’ll see, if you click ‘play’:

A fully-grown, adult ‘policeman’, in protective riot gear and crash helmet, brutally trying to beat a defenseless kid, who can’t be more than 15 years old, to a pulp.

Baruch Hashem, twenty people rushed over to try to stop him.

My daughter was also at that demonstration.

She told me afterwards that she heard one of these ‘policemen’ say to the other that they shouldn’t beat the kids up there, where so many people were filming, but should take them somewhere else out of the spotlight, if they really wanted to teach them a lesson.


So, I have to ask this painful question:

Who decided that people who are obviously violent psychopaths should be drawing a salary paid for by you and me, and should be enjoying the full protection of the State of Israel?

How is it, that my tax shekel is paying for these people to beat up, ram into, torture and even murder young Jewish teens in the State of Israel?

How is it, that when they are caught in the act of murdering young Jewish teens – or caught in the act of violently beating young people up on camera, in the middle of Jerusalem – or caught in the act of falsifying ‘evidence’, or caught in the act of torturing Jewish minors in the West Bank – that absolutely nothing is done about these offences, which are simply ignored and then whitewashed out of the picture?

How can that be?


And if we’re still telling ourselves that the State of Israel is only good, and only just, and that our security forces and army are the ‘most moral in the world’ (puke…) – then how do we square that with the video above?

And with Ahuvya’s murder?

And with the torture accorded to the minor suspect in the Duma affair, that was approved by both the Attorney General and the Prime Minister?


These are not simple questions.

History is full of men and women who aligned themselves with evil regimes because they wanted to keep their jobs, and their status, and their perks, and to be able to keep paying their mortgages.

After the fact, all these people tried to say they were ‘just following orders’, and to use that as their defense for supporting and perpetrating the worst evil.

It didn’t work then.

And it’s not going to work now.


So, that’s why this lockdown is going to be different.

We have reached a tipping point in the State of Israel where the middle ground has effectively dissolved, and where good and evil are starting to stand in stark contrast with each other.

Either, you are behind the young Jewish boys and girls idealistically protesting the murder of another innocent Jewish boy, or you are behind the violent psychopaths in riot gear who think it’s a ‘mitzvah’ to violently beat up Jewish children in public.

Either, you are behind the health professionals who have risked their reputations, careers and often also their lives to blow the whistle on what’s really going with vaccines and the big pharma agenda – or, you are behind the people who think it’s a ‘mitzvah’ to conduct mass medical experiments on human beings that could leave them crippled, ill, infertile or even dead, without even informing them of what’s really going on.

Either, you are behind the rabbis who have totally sacrificed themselves to atone for the sins of the nation, and to bring the geula the sweet way – or, you are behind the ‘sons of Haman who are learning Torah in Bnei Brak’ who sold themselves out, spiritually and morally, a long, long time ago.

But from here on in, you can’t have it both ways.


Whatever comes next, this lockdown is not going to end like the others.

Too many genies have been let out of their bottles, too many massive changes have been set in motion.

But let me ask all those policemen and women, and doctors and nurses, and rabbis and bureaucrats and lying journalists who are propping up the State of Israel just one question:

If it turns out that you end up on the wrong side of history, how are you going to live with yourself?

How are you going to sleep at night?

How are you going to be able to look your children in the face, when they ask you what you were doing, when the experimental COVID-1984 ‘vaccine’ was unleashed on the world?

And if you don’t like the answers to these questions, understand that it’s still not too late.

You can still stop now, quit your job, stop ‘just following orders’, and find yourself back on the right side of history.

But probably not for much longer.



So, I went looking for more videos from Thursday’s demo in Jerusalem of Israeli police beating up defenseless teenagers, and whaddya know?

I came across lots of lots of videos of Israeli Border Police doing exactly the same thing to Palestinian teenagers, like this one:


Clearly, that’s leading the discussion to a very uncomfortable place for most of us, isn’t it?

So let’s vere away, at least for now, and take a look at some other headlines that make the same point, in a way less likely to invoke cognitive dissonance, like this, from last year, when a policeman shot dead an unarmed Ethiopian teenager:


And this, from earlier this year, when the Israeli police severely beat up an unarmed chareidi teenager:


This problem isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

The Israeli police is full of violent psychopaths.

And we need to stop making excuses for them, and to stop putting our heads in the sand and to stop pretending that only ‘anti semites’ are claiming this, or that only ‘non-Jews’ are acting like this, because it’s simply not true.

If COVID did one good thing, it’s that if finally got the Israeli public to stop automatically respecting a uniform.

But what happens next, to really defuse all this evil, and to start really cleaning it up, is anyone’s guess.


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9 replies
  1. Hadar Stein
    Hadar Stein says:

    I’m sorry Rivka but I honestly can’t take this outrage seriously.

    I understand the pain but it is, ironically, that police and army brutality what enables and makes possible the hilltop youth lifestyle. You only need to talk (sincerely) with any regular Palestinian Arab.

    The truth is that various small groups have been continuously abused by the state (some of them are jewish) but the Uber Dati Leumi only have cared when they have been affected (see Gush Katif), and it’s always the same result: there is some kind of outrage/resentment against the state just to end up voting for parties that at the end of the day benefit from the current political order.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Isn’t that the same for all of us, that we only notice when it’s our dalet amot that’s affected?

      This is close to home for me, so I’m writing about it more emotionally, I guess. But you’ll notice that I’ve been writing about State abuses against many other minorities, too, even including the Arabs.

      You are making a fair point, tho, that segues into a much deeper discussion of whether holding onto the State with violence and weapons – which is basically the paradigm we are dealing with here – was ever the ‘ideal’ version of God’s planned return for the Jewish people. I wrote a post touching on that a while back, called A Stolen Craft, below:


      There is a lot more to unpick and think about here. The land of Israel is the God-given home of the Jews, no doubt. But we have to earn the right to dwell in it peacefully, and we know from the time of the Shoftim that whenever the people were falling away from God, falling away from Torah, and ‘each man was doing whatever was right in their own eyes’, we had the same sort of skirmishes with our neighbors we see today.

      Ultimately, that problem was solved by King David – who fought wars for Israel that were sanctioned by a bona fide Sanhedrin. Until we get that Torah-observant scenario back, it’s hard to see how this will be resolved without violence.

      But one more point to add is that many of the so-called ‘settlers’ actually enjoy warmer relationships with their arab neighbors than anyone else in the State of Israel.

      So much of the violence is stirred up by, and coming directly from, the State itself, which then creates the ‘need’ for armies and violence. It’s a classic divide and conquer strategy, because observant Jews and observant Muslims actually have a lot in common – way more than observant Jews and ‘frum’ xtians do, for example.

  2. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    Just finished listening to webinar with Rav Y. Berg: let’s hope I will put this the right way: coming from a direct source quoting the Hazon Ish: the Erev Rav has its part in the return of Am Israel to its land, there is nothing we can do about this. The Erev Rav has wandered in the desert for 40 years with Moshe Rabbenou, therefore it must have some kind of reward. What is 50 or 70 years? But soon, their time will be over בייה

      • Hannah
        Hannah says:

        Dear Rivka, You always provide your readers with useful information. And you give them a chance to search for the truth so which enables them to choose which side they are on…

  3. nonee
    nonee says:

    Every word that Hannah wrote to you Rivka, i agree to also, Hannah you express wonderfully which i many times cannot do.

    Thus this comes also to Daisy Stern, I apologize to you Daisy. That what i had written and which you rightly took offense too, is that, i just mixed things up. I am an ex-christian, following only Hashem now, and learning many things from frum Jewish blogs like Rivkas, and also others.
    Recently like yesterday, my spirit was cast low low down, and i almost gave up on life, and despaired horridly. Hashem in H-s kindness and mercy, let me get in touch with kindly Jewish and Holy soul, who also has a frum blog, and i got a reply, which, thanks to her, and Hashem, has lifted me up from my despair. Wish i could explain more.

    I know now that Hashem helps all who follow H-m seeking H-m and Hashem is so real.
    In anyway i hurt you, forgive me please Daisy.
    HashemRivka and her family be blessed. Rivka thank you for all the good work you do along with your family. Toda.
    Gd Bless you Daisy and yours.

    Gd bless all the good Jewish people amen.
    and Gd help also and bless those non-Jews who are so wanting to follow the one and only Creator. Amen.


  4. zz
    zz says:

    G-d is separating the wheat from the chaff.. this was the first event, and after this will be event after event after event. G-d is making the choice as clear as possible and feeding us only as much truth as we can handle at a time. The revelations of the depths of sheker we’ve all been born into (and so too our parents and grandparents) is just beginning.

    Like in this weeks’ parshios, the “old world” of traditional Jewish life before WWII (the path of the shvatim) died of spiritual “famine”. Political machinations are just downstream the spiritual reality. At first, all life only comes through Egypt (and the “left” of Judaism ie Yosef), but then it all devolves into paranoia, limitation and enslavement.

    The next step is the messianic figure who pulls Israel out of Yosef’s dreams, and we go out to the desert with all of Yosef’s wealth. Before that happens, Pharoah and his servants have to become completely humbled. Only Hashem can do this, but by letting it unfold this way and giving us all a real choice (with relatively little sacrifice on our part), Hashem can fight this war for us while still giving us schar.

    This התחלקות is all for the purpose of restoring the original tribes and nations going into the end days. Everyone will eventually do teshuva, except for Amalek, the “first of nations”, who is only getting more isolated and drawn into light at every step.

    Whoever bucked up and chose G-d’s side already is going to experience all further “events” only as even greater aliyos. Any difficulties will just be Hashem squeezing out of you a little more commitment according to your true level. Whoever picked the wrong side this time, it’s going to be that much harder for him to dig himself out of his crooked path when the next “event” comes, and so on. Amalek is attempting to program the masses into his bad etza through this “pathway”, where each step requires a greater step into the dark to comply, and a greater cost to the ego to recant.

    This will keep going until no one is left on their side except the true Amalekites.

  5. zz
    zz says:

    “Why is Israel police beating up nice Jewish boys?” Because THAT IS THEIR JOB. They are PAID to use violence against the state’s political enemies, and Israeli religious youth is quickly becoming radicalized: unemployable, illegible and useless to the system, so that makes them a threat. The state knows these “nice Jewish boys” are just a few short years away from being very tough and formidable young men. (And will push the demographic war even further to the “wrong” side, hence the rush to get them all “vaccinated” ie chemical castration rachmano latzlan).

    The state HAS to carry out this agenda: its footsoldiers are not paid in taxpayer dollars so much as they paid in infinite fiat City of London credit. The state is in the red and so are most Israelis, and it’s only getting worse. Everything runs on loans serviced by financial institutions who CHOOSE to grant manageable terms so that your world keeps spinning. If the state doesn’t obey, the “current” of inifite imaginary money is shut off: the music stops and Israel is left to the wolves rachmano latzlan like so many other uncooperative regimes (“failed states”) who didn’t follow City orders. The media passes it off as an “economic crisis”, which the public thinks are coincidental disasters like earthquakes.

    The state is under oath to “manage” the recalcitrant Jews, and the police are just its attack dogs: they’re all one instance of insubordination away from being thrown into “lockdown” with everyone else.

    Every G-d-fearing man woman and child living under “Zionist occupation” (ha ha) is an actual soldier on the front lines in the war of Gog uMagog. This is not a dress rehearsal.

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      I love your explanation, zz, it makes a lot of sense. But before I accept it without verifying what you are stating, can you please give links to your sources regarding these statements: where have to read, heard or learned that the state of Israel is insolvent? I thought the state thanks in particular to 5G, satellites, etc. and other nefarious technology, medicine i.e. vaccines etc. , all the stuff that is hurting us, is doing very well: am I wrong?

      Thanks for the details,


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