I thought long and hard about whether to write this post.

Yesterday, I sat on a bench near the Beit HaRav on Ido HaNavi St, and I really tried to figure out what God wants, here.

Because that’s really the only thing that matters: What does God want?

Does He want the Jewish community to continue sitting in darkness, trapped by a paradigm that has taught us that ‘our leaders’ are above reproach, above being challenged, above sinning?

Or, does God want us to stop with all this ‘pretend-perfect’, two-faced, toxic hypocritical nonsense, already, and to just come clean?

With a lot of compassion for the human frailty that leads us into the traps that the yetzer hara sets for us all.

And with a lot of appreciation of the good that even the worst of people can still perform in the world.


So, I was going to take today off from the PC and continue to mull things over.

But then I woke up with that ‘push’ to write this piece, that I know from past experience is the answer to my question yesterday, of what does God want?

So here it is.

And the point here is not to demonise anyone, or even to pretend that we can judge a person’s soul, in its entirety, because we can’t. We’re not God. Only God can way up all the bad and all the good that a person does throughout their life, to arrive at the true judgement of whether that person was really a saint – or a sinner.

But what we can and must do is tell the truth, to the best of our ability, about what happened in the past to our people, to our nation.

So that we can finally ‘come clean’, identify the mistakes and errors of judgment that were made, and finally make the teshuva required for us to be able to move past them, and into that ‘world of truth’ that’s waiting for us.

So, with that intro out of the way, let us begin.


Really, this story begins around 14 years ago, when I first read a copy of Ben Hecht’s ‘Perfidy’.

Perfidy describes how the Jewish Agency and Ben Gurion’s Labor Zionists were offered a deal by Eichmann to rescue the 900,000 Jews then living in Hungary in 1944, close to the end of the war, in return for 10,000 trucks of supplies for the German military.

Ben Gurion and his small group of advisors refused the offer, and within a couple of months ‘Operation Auschwitz’ was underway, that saw more than half a million of those Jews in Hungary sent to the gas chambers in record time.

If you think this tale sounds incredible, I found the minutes of Ben Gurion apparently discussing the deal with Eichmann on the Yad Vashem website HERE.


In ‘Perfidy’, Hecht described in detail what had happened, by focussing on the court case where Rudolf Israel Kastner sued Malchiel Greenwald, for writing a pamphlet saying that Kastner had aided and abetted the Nazis in Hungary.

You can read more details HERE, but the court case blew the lid on how closely the Zionists had actually been working with the Nazis during World War II, and it caused an enormous scandal in Israel.

That scandal only really started to die down when Kastner was conveniently shot to death, shortly afterwards, presumably to keep his mouth shut, and the Zionists war-time secrets safe.


To this day, debate rages on about the so-called ‘Kastner Train’, that rescued approximately 1,500 of Hungary’s leading Jewish citizens.

Descendants of Kastner, like current head of the Labor Party Merav Michaeli, like to say he was a ‘hero’, who risked his life to whisk these people out from the jaws of death.

I don’t buy that.

I am far more aligned with the argument that says that Kastner was part of the Zionist team who knew what the Nazis were planning for the Jews of Hungary, thanks to Eichmann’s offer to save them.

And who decided to let those half a million Hungarian Jews get thrown into the gas chambers.

But not before they tried to save their own friends and family, supporters, Zionists, and anyone with money or connections who could potentially be useful to the proto State of Israel.


There’s a very interesting article (Google Translate it) called ‘The Hungarian Catastrophe’.


The Jews on the Kastner Train were also in a privileged position, and after several months of negotiations, the vast majority of them finally found themselves in the safety of Switzerland.

After the war, Rudolf Kastner was denounced not only for giving train seats to his relatives and many friends, but also for condemning tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews to death without warning that the Nazis were planning to deport them to Auschwitz. 

On the first count, he was found guilty, but on the second, the evidence was not so convincing. Indeed, when he arrived in his native Cluj, Kastner did not tell anyone there about the real intentions of the Nazis, but there are strong doubts that his intervention could have somehow changed the situation.


If you’re still with me, you can already understand why this whole affair was hushed up, any way it could be.

Because what we’re looking at here is that the people behind the whole ‘Zionist enterprise’ on both sides of the Atlantic decided that most of Hungary’s 900.000 Jews were expendable, when they had the opportunity to save them.


So now that we’ve sketched in the big picture of what was going on in Hungary, let’s zoom into the story of Tibor Rosenbaum, who intimately caught up with what was happening there in 1944.

I only heard of him because one of my readers was a relative of his by marriage, and a while back, she sent me a comment telling me about what a fine, upstanding person he was, and how he had saved many people from the Nazis back in Hungary.

Before we continue, let me make it clear that my reader’s experience of Tibor Rosenbaum, the ‘saint’, is also true.

Human beings are complex.

We’re not one dimensional cartoons of a ‘saint’ or a ‘sinner’. We are an agglomeration of our actions, our thoughts, our deeds, over a lifetime, and while some of those deeds are undoubtedly saintly, some of them are truly awful.

And that goes double and triple, for people who find themselves in the sort of life-and-death situations that characterises World War II.



That’s how I learned that a film had been made about Tibor Rosenbaum, the saint, called ‘Walking With The Enemy’, back in 2014.

Here’s the basic description:

The heroics of Pinchas Rosenbaum saved thousands of people from the Nazis. Watch the movie inspired by his courageous story on Digital HD & DVD today!

You can read more about the movie itself HERE, that says it’s based on the true story of Pinchas (Tibor) Rosenbaum.


And you can read more about the ‘true story’ that apparently inspired the movie, on the Shalom Magazine site HERE (Google translate from the Hebrew).


Pinchas Rosenbaum, the son of Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke Halevi, was born on 2.11.23 in Kleinverdein, Hungary.

He comes from a magnificent rabbinical family in Hungary. His ancestors were disciples of Hatem Sofer, and even before that of the Baal Shem Tov and the Maharal of Prague…

After his father’s death, [Pinchas] succeeded his father, Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke, who was the last rabbi of the community before the Holocaust. He was taken with members of his family and his congregation to Auschwitz, and of the entire family, only one – Pinchas-was saved by fire.

Pinchas himself… was ordained to the Rabbinate at the age of 18, by Rabbi Yitzhak Halevi Herzog.

Earlier, while studying at the Yeshiva, a connection between him and the “Bnei Akiva” movement was formed and he was associated with the “Torah and Labor”movement.

Before long, he was a member of the National Board of Bnei Akiva in Hungary.

During the Nazi occupation, during the terrible period of the Holocaust, when most of Hungary’s Jews were exterminated by the Nazis in the gas chambers, Pinchas spent his days organizing Jewish youth for rescue and escape operations.

He and his friends rescued thousands of Jews, entire families, from the clutches of the Nazis, hid them and took care of all their belongings.


This article was written by a former Yediot Aharonot journalist Menachem Michelson, who apparently now works for Yad Vashem, writing biographies of various holocaust heros.

Back when the film about Tibor’s heroics came out, Michelson wrote a few articles to help support its launch, like the one quoted above, with a tag line that he was writing a book about Tibor Rosenbaum’s activities during World War II:

Menachem Michelson is a journalist for the israeli newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth. He is currently writing a major biography of Pinchas Tibor Rosenbaum zl, which will soon be published in Hebrew and English.

That book never materialised.

But, as part of my efforts to focus on the ‘good’ – on the saint, before getting into the sinner – I spent the best part of yesterday trying to track down more information about what Rosenbaum had actually DONE, because as in investigative journalist, my rule of thumb is that the devil is always in the details.


The first place I went to check was Yad Vashem.

And that’s where this story already starts to get complicated.

I plugged in ‘Dr Rosenbaum’ to the Yad Vashem’s search engine – and it came back with nothing.

I tried a few more times, and while a few unrelated ‘Rosenbaums’ came up in various articles and papers, there was nothing about ‘Pinchas Tibor Rosenbaum’, the saintly rescuer of thousands of Jews in Hungary.



I widened the search out to Hungary, more broadly – and that’s when I tripped over the notes of the discussion Ben Gurion had with his advisors over Eichmann’s offer, that basically proves that the version of events in ‘Perfidy’ is true.

But I couldn’t find anything more concrete on the Yad Vashem website about a guy that someone went to the trouble of making a whole film about, back in 2014.

And I found that very strange.


Again, I’m not saying it didn’t happen.

What I AM saying, is that there were a lot of Jews in Hungary at that time who were working extremely hard to try to save Jewish lives, and from everything I have now read and explored, it looks like Bnei Akiva in Hungary were all basically engaged in dressing up as ‘the enemy’ to try to save Jews from Auschwitz.

Those same Jews that Ben Gurion and Kastner had basically turned their backs on, even though they had first-hand knowledge of what was going to happen to them, if they weren’t rescued.


So, at the same time I can’t find any real stories written about Tibor Rosenbaum’s real exploits in Hungary, I AM tripping over a bunch of real stories about other people, that basically sound identical.

Like THIS one from the Yad Vashem site, called:

Yehoshua-Sándor Ungar: “Mizrachi” Activist in the Glass House in Budapest


[Father]drove alongside the death marches three times and gave out letters of protection – Schutzpass – to whomever he could. 

He drove in the Swiss car with a typewriter on his knees […] He traveled for three hours up to the border and called to people to stand on the side until he had prepared the letters of protection with their names […] All along the route Nazi Hungarian punks [Arrow Cross men] stood on both sides with their rifles pointed upwards. 

There were those who received the letters [Schutzpass] and those who tore them up.


Ungar was part of the group working with someone who has been totally scrubbed out of the ‘Holocaust Hero Hall of Fame’, a man by the name of Moshe-Miklos Kraus.

Kraus was a Zionist, belonged to the Mizrachi, and was the director of the Eretz Israel office in Budapest.

Let’s return to the Yad Vashem site, to fill in more of the details:

In late May 1944, he was made aware of the fate of the deportees, and of the extermination in the gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau and he did what he could to disseminate this information.

He had 7,800 certificates – immigration permits to Eretz Israel – in his possession. In order to activate the certificates, he enlisted Carl Lutz, the Swiss Vice-Consul in Budapest, who represented British interests in Hungary. Lutz succeeded in persuading the British to consider the certificate owners British citizens, and took them under his protective auspices.


In June, the Hungarians permitted the departure of the approximately 7,800 certificate owners. Kraus came up with the idea to count each certificate as a family certificate, and thus increased the number of people entitled to protective custody to approximately 40,000.

Arthur Weiss, one of the major importers of glass in Hungary, gave Kraus his office building on 29 Vadász Street in Budapest – the Glass House.

Under the leadership of Lutz and Kraus, the house became a rescue activity hub, and the location for the preparation and distribution of the letters of protection. Alongside the Mizrachi and General Zionist activists, there were also representatives of the Budapest Pioneer Underground movement, “Hanoar Hazioni”,” Hashomer Hatzair”, “Dror” and “Maccabi Hatzair”.


Strangely, no-one has done any movies about Moshe Krausz.

In my research yesterday, I discovered that a big part of why Krausz got ‘scrubbed’ out of the Hungarian Holocaust Hero Hall of Fame is because he seemed to be on the ‘opposite side’ to Kastner.

Snippet from HERE:

Krausz’s effort was at odds with that of a fellow Hungarian Jew, Rudolf Kastner, who negotiated with top Nazi SS official Adolf Eichmann on an unconsummated deal to ransom one million Jews for 10,000 trucks laden with supplies needed by Germany.

That’s the same Kastner who claimed ‘Holocaust Hero’ status for arranging for a single train to leave Hungary, whilst reassuring the people left behind that everything was going to be OK.


The Germans didn’t want a repeat of what had happened in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, you see.

So, they prevailed upon the Jews with connections – who were leaving the country themselves – to reassure those left behind that they would be safe from the Germans, until the end of the war.

The Satmar Rebbe – who escaped on the Kastner train – told his followers to stay behind.

The Belze Rebbe did the same – and there are more of those strange links with enemy intelligence we saw by Chabad in Warsaw, leading to ‘miraculous escapes’ while their followers got slaughtered en masse.

Snippet from Wikipedia:

[T]he brothers were driven out of occupied Poland, and into Hungary, by Major General István Újszászy, head of the Vkf2 Hungarian counter-intelligence, who was friendly to Jews and acting on orders of Hungarian Regent Admiral Miklós Horthy…

Rebbe Aharon and Rabbi Mordechai spent eight months in Budapest, before receiving highly rationed Jewish Agency certificates to enter Palestine. In January 1944, they boarded the Orient Express to Istanbul.

Less than two months later, the Nazis invaded Hungary, and began deporting its 450,000 Jews.


(Maybe we’ll get to a more detailed look at all these Rebbes escaping the Nazis – with the help of the Nazis – another time…)


And Rudolf Kastner was also part of this club, who had prior intelligence of what was in store for the Jews of Hungary, but who hid that information from the Jews of Hungary, so they wouldn’t cause the Nazis any problems by staging another ‘uprising’.

From what I can tell, Tibor Rosenbaum was working closely with Rudolf Kastner.


Let’s draw a veil over this side of things now.

As we’ve said earlier, who knows whether you or I would have made a different choice in the same circumstances?

I’d like to hope and believe that I definitely would have been more of a ‘Moshe Krausz’, than a ‘Rudolf Kastner’, but until a person has been through something like that, God forbid, it’s really all just speculation.

Because now I want to take a look at what Tibor Rosenbaum got up to after the war, which perhaps will explain more about why such a strange effort was made back in 2014 to try to set him up as a ‘Hungarian Holocaust Hero’.


Long story short, Rosenbaum was a spook.

The English Wikipedia site tells a very ‘clean’ version of the story:

Soon after the establishment of Israel, Mr. Rosenbaum started an organisation called “Helvis Company” to actively promote Israeli‐Swiss trade. A decade later Helvis was alleged to having given kickbacks into a special fund of the National Religious party to obtain contracts from the Ministry of Health in connection with two hospitals near Tel Aviv.

Together with his friend Bernard Cornfeld, Rosenbaum founded the Banque De Credit International Genève in Geneva in the 1959, which went bankrupt in 1976…

Rosenbaum originally financed arms purchases for Israel through the bank.

For the major organized crime figure Meyer Lansky, who first met Rosenbaum in 1965, the bank also opened a connection to Israel.


Let’s pause for a moment, while I explain the huge struggle I was having yesterday.

Within two minutes of clicking around, I came to realise that Tibor Rosenbaum, saint that he may certainly have been for my reader, and probably for many other people, was actually also mixed up in some of the darkest and most yucky stuff going on around the planet.

I am not going to belabour the point here, but I will mention a few things, and link to articles where you can read more of the gory details, if you want to.


Very quickly, I stumbled across a mass of information linking Rosenbaum to the assassination of John F Kennedy, who was apparently getting in the way of the DARPA Nazis brought over by CIA head Allen Dulles in the US, and also starting to make life difficult for Meir Lanksy and ‘Murder Inc’, and also – apparently – going against the State of Israel’s desire to acquire a nuke.

I say ‘apparently’, because as I am coming to realise more and more, official history is mostly a web of lies, and trying to figure out the true motivations of why certain things happened at certain times is like groping for the light switch in a very dark room.

That’s why I go back to facts and verifiable details when I’m researching stuff, because there are certain things that are still true, and they are to be found in the details.

So, you can read more about this for yourself HERE.

And / or go and look up ‘PERMINDEX’.

And / or get yourself a copy of a book by Michael Collins Piper, who has a reputation for being an anti-semite, because he put together a lot of the facts and details that showed that the State of Israel had a hand in the murder of JFK, via the Mossad’s connection with Lansky’s mob – which pivoted around Tibor Rosenbaum, and his Banque de Credit International Geneve.


That was bad enough.

But then I stumbled across the shocking information that Tibor Rosenbaum – whose whole family had been sent to Auschwitz – was apparently very good friends with the former SS Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

Say what?!

As well as being a not-s0-closet rabid Nazi, Prince Bernhard also set up a group you may have heard of, called the Bilderbergers.

And he was very closely linked to IG Farben (now Bayer)- the same people who were supporting Mengele’s human experiments on Jews at Auschwitz.

Snippet from HERE:

IG Farben was the most powerful German corporate cartel in the first half of the 20th century and the single largest profiteer from the Second World War. IG (Interessengemeinschaft) stands for “Association of Common Interests”: IG Farben included BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, and other German chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

As documents show, IG Farben was intimately involved with the human experimental atrocities committed by Mengele at Auschwitz.


Tibor Rosenbaum was such good friends with Prince Bernhard, that when his bank got into trouble, Prince Bernhard tried to help him out financially by selling him one of his ancestral castles, at a really low price, for Rosenbaum to try to ‘flip’.

But it didn’t work.


Again, let’s press pause.

Just as the ‘saint’ was tinged by the actions of the ‘sinner’, the ‘sinner’ is still elevated by the actions of the ‘saint’.

It all goes together, and God is the only One who can judge whether a person’s actions tip them into the scale of righteousness – or the opposite, God forbid.


The Mossad was closely aligned with things like the CIA’s project MK ULTRA (which is where all the ‘Yemenite Children’ disappeared to, back in the 1950s).

The Mossad was also working hand-in-hand with former Nazi Oskar Skorzeny, as documented in the meticulously-researeched book ‘Rise and Kill First’.

There are connections here that are totally horrifying, from a moral, spiritual perspective, and at this stage, I personally am finding it very hard to judge Rosenbaum favorably.


I can’t judge another soul, in entirety. Only God can do that.

What I can do is just continue setting out the fact’s, the evidence.


Rosenbaum’s Mossad connections is one thing, and we will probably never really know what he did, or didn’t do with the Mossad.

Both good and bad.

But his lack of financial integrity is something that we DO know about, in detail, not least thanks to articles like this one, from the New York Times, back in 1975, when there was still a little bit of honest journalism left:

A Global Bank Tangle And Its Lost Millions

Let’s quote some pertinent snippets:

PARIS, April 8—An indictment was handed up in Israel today charging the country’s most prominent financial official, Michael Tzur, with fraud, bribery and a breach of trust. The indictment had been expected, but behind it was a long trail of banking intrigue in Switzerland and Liechtenstein‐that allegedly siphoned off million of dollars intended for Israeli development.

The complaint against Mr. Tzur, accusing him of having illegally transferred more than $20‐million out of Israel, centers on his relations with the International Credit Bank of Geneva and its founder, Tibor Pinchas Rosenbaum.


Baron Rothschild, 48‐year‐old scion of the famous banking family, filed criminal charges against Mr. Rosenbaum in Geneva and initiated the criminal proceedings against Mr. Tzur, who faces a possible 22‐year prison sentence if convicted.

The Baron acted in his capacity as chairman of Israel Corporation, the $100‐million development company. Almost $9‐million of its own funds are said to have disappeared in Liechtenstein via the Rosenbaum route….


I.C.B. was cited by Life Magazine in 1967 as one of the Swiss banks that received funds that mobsters skimmed from casinos in the United States and the Bahamas, then recycled into mob‐controlled investments in legitimate American businesses….


I.C.B. performed a number of services for Israel.

Once, according to an Israeli source, when Defense Minister Shimon Peres, then director general in the Defense Ministry, called Mr. Rosenbaum and told him that Israel needed $7‐million within 24 hours for her national security, Mr. Rosenbaum found the money overnight. He did not ask for, but received, a commission of $500,000 for his services, according to the source.

The source also recounted that bank has had relations with a nondescript business office in Lausanne, requiring the deepest cover for its principal operation—finding Arab oil on the international market and shipping it to Israel.

The Defense Ministry maintained an account at the bank to buy arms in Western Europe. Other accounts were held by the Histadrut, the Israeli labor federation, by Solel Boneh( the Histadrut‐owned supply and construction company), Zim and Israel Corporation.


All those organisations named in the last paragraph are the true ‘owners’ of the State of Israel.

And behind them, sits Court Jews and oligarchs and mafiosos like the Rothschilds.

And behind them, sit the monarchs and the leading Freemason-satanists.

And behind them…. ?

We still don’t really know. Yet.


But what’s clear, is that Rosenbaum’s bank was firmly in the middle of all this spiritual corruption.

Let’s give the New York Times the last word, for now:

In desperate need for liquidity, Mr. Rosenbaum according to a Swiss banking source intimate with the Rosenbaum operation, used his Leichtenstein trusts as a secret turntable to transfer funds siphoned from the bank to his other enterprises.

Associates of Mr. Rosenbaum say he was above all else loyal to his friends and is now deeply hurt that many of his friends seem to have abandoned him in his time of crisis.

“The only telephone calls he gets now are from journalists,” said one recent visitor who described Mr. Rosenbaum as “deeply agitated” in a state where he “grins, grimaces, pouts even weeps all at the same time.”

His secretary for 18 years, Gabrielle Goldstein, who quit Nye years ago and now runs a Geneva boutique, described him as “too humane, too scrupulous.”

It is a measure of the mark that he has made both very close friends and as many enemies.


Sinner or Saint?

Or, Sinner AND Saint?

There is a lot more to unpack here, this is literally the tip of the iceberg.

Because we face the same question about all of those people who got the State of Israel going – who all seem to stem from that same, small group of Sabbatean-Frankists we’ve been discussing here.

Rosenbaum and Rothschild were from the same close family.

And in turn, Rosenbaum and Rothschild were also closely related to the Satmar Rebbe and the Belz Rebbe.

And Shimon Peres.

And R’ Chaim Kanievsky.

And Ruby Rivlin, Sarah Netanyahu and Bibi himself.

It’s all the same people.


So, sinner or saint, or sinner AND saint?

What’s more honest, what’s more realistic?

And what is finally going to break down all these walls between the Jews, and give us the achdus God really wants us to have?

I think you know the answer.



A reader sent me this, from a book written by a relative whose family also escaped on the Kastner train:


And another reader asked me – or really, told me – about Raoul Wallenberg, who also did tremendous work rescuing the remnant of the Jews from the Holocaust.

It would take a lot of research to try to figure out who was really doing what in Hungary.

But what seems to be clear, is that Kastner and people like Ben Gurion and Steven Wise deserve the least credit for ‘rescue attempts’.

And the links between the proto-Zionists, the Sabbatean-Frankist bankers and Rebbes, and the war machine itself will have to wait for another time.

But, they exist.

And they’ve been covered over for 80 years.


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7 replies
  1. Simcha
    Simcha says:

    Great piece, super informative, and really pieces a LOT together. Thank you for the work you do…from a place of love, truth, and redemption.

  2. Yitzchok
    Yitzchok says:

    Regarding your comment that the “Satmar Rebbe – who escaped on the Kastner train – told his followers to stay behind.” please see the following links: https://hakirah.org/Vol%209%20Bobker.pdf
    Joe Bobker: To flee or to stay? Starting on page 20 the article discusses the “idea that major rabbinical figures (Ger, Belz, Satmar, Lubavitch) escaped Hitler…while..their…followers were misled into meeting horrible fiery deaths, is an indictment grounded more in anguish and anger than in facts.”
    Also for the view of how and why the Satmar Rebbe got onto the Kastner train, from the point of view of his supporters, see https://www.truetorahjews.org/qanda/kastner

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      “Honest journalism” at the NYT ? Hahaha! How about their hiding the info about the KZ’s on their last page during WWII, heh? Then all of a sudden in the fifties they “found religion”? Yeah, right: now you believe in the NYT, Rivka? I wonder why….maybe you have a little bias here, having already decided that Pinchas, HY”D, was guilty as charged by various people and reports? How about the truth? Without Pinchas Israel would not have had the Mirage airplanes from France, and Israel would have been run-over by the enemy. Who cares, right?


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