I was sitting at the Rav’s prayers last week, when a girl came up and handed me something.

It’s a prayer to get off the internet.

Something that I’ve been increasingly thinking about, as the 5….G is turned up, and my health has been taking the hit.

(Thank God, I’m doing much better since I began the experiment with the Mineral Miracle Solution, and paid a pidyon to the Rav. More on that another time.)


I was discussing with a friend yesterday, how ‘different’ life would look like, if the internet would disappear.

And while there is also some fear there – because I write this blog, for example, and I’d probably have to return to a typewriter – there is also a lot of yearning for that.

Even without all the ‘tech’ health issues – which lets be honest, are huge all by themselves – no internet would also mean way fewer opportunities to space out, run away and ‘escape’ from real life.

So then, we’d have to find other things to do like sew, garden, read, learn Torah, do hitbodedut, walk around, actually speak to people again, including our spouses and children, find different hobbies to fill the time.

Again, lots of fear around these thoughts, because we’ve all got so used to zoning out ‘online’, but also lots of hope, for how good life will actually be, once we are through this stage of very tough birur.


So in the meantime, here is that prayer, with my translation underneath.





Ribono shel olam, Who can do anything.

Please strengthen us with deep joy, and that we should no longer look at the internet ever again.

And we should always pray every single word and letter with kavana.

And each and every second, we should just be bound to You, with all 248 of our limbs and 365 of our sinews, with all our nefesh, ruach, neshama, chaya and yehida.

And we should merit to see Eliyahu (52) HaNavi (68), may his memory (233) be for a blessing (47) = 400, face to face, whose eyes (220) were pure (180) = 400.

Please answer, Hashem!

“Remember, Hashem, [to repay] the offspring of Edom, the day of Jerusalem; [to repay] those who say Destroy! Destroy! To it’s very foundation! (Psalms 137)

Please answer, Hashem!

Let us merit to have the intellect of our Holy (415) and Awesome (268) Rabbenu (268) Nachman (148) ben (52) Simcha (353) ben (52) Feigue (94), and to see Eliyahu (52) HaNavi (68), may his memory (233) be for a blessing (47) = 2598, face to face.

And by way of this, we should merit to the verse:

“And to all (86) the tremendous (98) awe (252) and to all (86) the strong (125) hand (19) that (501) Moshe (345) did (375) before the eyes (170) of all (50) of Israel (541) = 2598.


UPDATE: Thanks to the readers who helped me tidy this prayer up, and also add in gematriot.


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3 replies
  1. Nahman
    Nahman says:

    Une prière d’arrêter l’internet

    Ribono shel olam, Maître du monde Qui peut tout faire.

    S’il te plaît fortifie-nous avec une profonde joie, et que nous ne devrions plus jamais regarder l’internet.

    Et nous devrions toujours prier chaque mot et lettre avec kavana.

    Et chaque seconde, nous devrions juste être attachés à Toi, avec nos 248 membres et 365 nerfs, avec tout notre nefesh, rouach, neshama, chaya et yehida.

    Et nous devrions voir Eliyahou (52) HaNavi (68), que son souvenir (233) soit pour une bénédiction (47) = 400, face à face, dont ses yeux (220) étaient pures (180) = 400.

    S’il te plaît répond, Hashem!

    “Souviens-Toi, Hashem, [de payer] la descendance d’Edom, au jour de Jérusalem; [de payer] ceux qui disent Détruisez! Détruisez! À sa propre fondation! (Tehilim 137)

    S’il te plaît répond, Hashem!

    Laisse-nous mériter d’avoir l’intellect de notre Saint (415) et Impressionnant (268) Rabbeinou (268) Nachman (148) ben (52) Simcha (353) ben (52) Feigue (94), et de voir Eliyahou (52) HaNavi (68), que son souvenir (233) soit pour une bénédiction (47) = 2598, face à face.

    Et par ce biais, nous devrions mériter le verset: 

    “Et de toute (86) l’énorme (98) et impressionnante (252) et de toute (86) la main (19) forte (125) que (501) Moshe (345) a fait (375) devant les yeux (170) de tout (50) Israël (541) » = 2598.

  2. Liora
    Liora says:


    Ribono shel olam, Quien todo lo puede.

    Por favor, fortalécenos con una profunda alegría y que nunca más debamos mirar Internet.

    Y siempre debemos orar cada palabra y letra con kavana.

    Y cada segundo, debemos estar atados a Ti, con todos nuestros 248 miembros y 365 de nuestros tendones, con todos nuestros nefesh, ruach, neshama, chaya y yehida.

    Y debemos merecer ver a Eliyahu (52) HaNavi (68), que su memoria (233) sea para bendición (47) = 400, cara a cara, cuyos ojos (220) eran puros (180) = 400.

    ¡Por favor responde, Hashem!

    “Recuerda, Hashem, [para pagar] la descendencia de Edom, el día de Jerusalén; [para pagar] a los que dicen ¡Destruid! ¡Destruir! ¡A sus cimientos! (Salmos 137)

    ¡Por favor responde, Hashem!

    Merezcamos tener el intelecto de nuestro Santo (415) e Impresionante (268) Rabbenu (268) Nachman (148) ben (52) Simcha (353) ben (52) Feigue (94), y ver a Eliyahu (52) HaNavi (68), que su memoria (233) sea para bendición (47) = 2598, cara a cara.

    Y por medio de esto, debemos merecer el verso:
    “Y a todos (86) el tremendo (98) asombro (252) y a todos (86) la fuerte (125) mano (19) que (501) Moshe (345) hizo (375) ante los ojos (170) de todo (50) de Israel (541) = 2598.


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