new year rosh hashana

When most people get back from Uman, I’ll tell you more of the story of what happened with the Rav this year. In the meantime, almost 30,000 people made it out to spend Rosh Hashana with Rabbenu, which is truly awesome, and I take my hat off to every single one of the people who […]

Covid 19 damage
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Covid: the cover-up starts to fall apart

The Israeli Ministry of Health deliberately covered up the vaccine injuries being caused by the Covid shots. If that's news to you, you must be a new reader of the blog - welcome! But the chiddush here is that now, more official information…
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Guns or God Part 2

Let's continue trying to thresh out what is really going on here. My correspondent, M., sent me a dozen more emails and asked me to put his arguments up here. I have no problem doing that - minus most of the personal insults he's freely peppering…
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Guns or God

As you might expect, the last post hit a nerve with a few people. It's inevitable that when we're discussing important ideas, cherished beliefs about the best way forward for the Jewish people, wherever they might live, that passions will be…
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Violence is not the answer

One idea that keeps getting sent my way is that we should somehow stage a 'violent revolution' against the powers-that-be. If I was an unbelieving non-Jew, who really just viewed the whole world as some big 'shoot out' with the guy with the…

Free your mind

As a writer, I sometimes feel I'm at the coalface of the war for this generation's mind and soul. Writers notice nuances in language. We notice, a lot, when certain ways of expressing yourself, your ideas, your feelings become verboten, because…
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Pray for Amiram Ben Uliel

UPDATE: The appeal was rejected. ***Scroll to the bottom for more important information*** Keep praying for Amiram ben Nurit... he really needs the prayers more than ever now. And also, let's be clear that one way or another, God is going…