new year rosh hashana

When most people get back from Uman, I’ll tell you more of the story of what happened with the Rav this year. In the meantime, almost 30,000 people made it out to spend Rosh Hashana with Rabbenu, which is truly awesome, and I take my hat off to every single one of the people who […]

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Trump is bad

Well, my break lasted a whole half a day.... But I got to see a nice park in Raanana, and to spend an hour and a half praying at the Rav's on Ido HaNavi St, where the Rav was clearly trying to 'sweeten' something big. We were clapping and…
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Yoshki the Kohen and evil internet

I am getting to that point where my tabs are exploding again. Usually this happens when I have a number of different research subjects going on all at once, and my mind is struggling to pin it all down. From past experience, I now know that…
Buckingham Palace

Elizabeth the royal mass murderer

In a strange coincidence, I've been working on a piece since I got back from Uman, about a royal mass-murderer called Elizabeth. ***UPDATES BELOW*** Her name was Elizabeth Bathory, and she was the ruler of large parts of Hungary (what is…

Covid clots and mind control

A couple of days ago, I sent an email to all my extended family members about the findings of the Israeli Ministry of Health. While my family is split between 'vaxxed' and 'unvaxxed', when it comes to Covid shots, with 3/5 unvaxxed, my husband…
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For some reason, I wrote that title with Ashkenazi spelling... On Friday night, I had a little taste of geula. An English-speaker from Rav Berland's community called me up, and asked me if he could come for Shabbos, with two friends. I…
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The rod and the sceptre

I just had a fairly massive breakthrough in all the 'false messiah family tree' stuff. I've been reading some of the family history books of a man called 'Allen Goldenthal', a self-confessed 'Zadokite' (Sadducee) and Karaite. who's done a ton…