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108 small kids abducted from kindergartens in Jerusalem – and the police do nothing

This morning, I had a conversation with a reader who asked me if I’d heard about ‘the 108 kids’?

I honestly had no idea what she was talking about.

So she told me to look up a Channel 13 show that appeared back in December 2019 – literally a few short weeks before ‘Covid 19’ kicked off big time in Israel – about 108 small chareidi kids who were repeatedly kidnapped from their kindergartens in the Sanhedria area – and horribly physically and sexually abused.

Honestly, it was kind of hard to believe my ears.

But after we finished speaking, I went looking for that information – and I found it.


If you speak Hebrew – or read Hebrew subtitles – you can watch the hour long documentary here:


And even though the subject material is totally horrifying, I want to ask you to still engage with it.

Because the people who did this to these children are still walking around freely.



This translated snippet comes from HERE:

The police investigation lasted about three years, yielded nothing and the case was closed.

Investigators say they have not received cooperation from the ultra-Orthodox communities. A few people have been caught, but even today evidence continues to come in – and nothing has been done. Reports began to emerge in various care settings by children from different neighborhoods in Jerusalem, who do not know each other.


For those who don’t understand Hebrew, or who don’t have the time to watch and just want a ‘precis’, this is the basic story.

(You can also watch a six minute precis of the full program in Hebrew, HERE.)

Back in 2010, a major pedophile ring was busted in the Nachlaot area of Jerusalem, and people – fake ‘chareidi’ people – were arrested, and some went to prison.

You can read the basic background on what happened HERE, from the FailedMessiah blog, from December 2011, here’s a snippet:

Parents and a local rabbi say police bungled arrests and that resulted in setting at least one of the pedophiles, said to be the group’s ringleader, free. In a letter to the community, Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz says more than 100 neighborhood children were molested, almost all of them haredi…


Despite the fact that more than 100 children were known to have been abused in awful ways, three of the main suspects, including the purported ringleader, were never charged, and were quickly released back into the community.

Ha’aretz covered that HERE, and below is a translated snippet:

Shlomit Ben Yitzhak of the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office filed charges in the case, and the parents learned that these were only filed against two of those involved, B. and P. 

And although the indictments describe sodomy, gross molestation and rape, they relate to only five children. 

Even the most sceptical of the investigation and welfare bodies admit that this is only a small proportion of assault cases – and the police alone have investigated more than 40 children.

Two other suspects are still being considered for charges, but they have been released from custody. 

What disappointed the parents most, however, prompting them to think that the arrests did not ultimately herald the long-awaited correction, was S.’s release. S. – “the operator,” as one of the parents calls them -was released from custody a week later and returned to the neighborhood.


(It seems from other information, below, that this ‘S’ is actually a woman.)

The Jerusalem police, and others including the Failed Messiah blog, were very quick to point the finger of blame for this outcome at the ‘stoopid’ chareidi parents, and their associated counsellors and rabbis, who were trying to get these pedophiles stopped.

Another snippet from the Haaretz article:

A source close to the investigation said the reason for the huge gap between parents ‘ stories and hard evidence and their legal outcome was the actions of the parents themselves. The parents, he says, unintentionally disrupted the investigation.


Back in 2011, nearly all of us probably believed that there was no way the police in Israel would actively help to cover up the activities of such a vicious, disgusting pedophile ring operating out of Jerusalem.

A decade on…. things have really changed.


There were some strange ‘rumours’ around this Nachlaot pedophile ring, that was busted back in 2010.

Some of them swirled around an elderly female convert to Judaism, whom many children told their parents was closely connected to what had happened to them.

Another Ha’aretz article (translated) gives more background:

According to some rumors, S. is heavily involved in pedophilia. Residents in the neighborhood gathered testimonies from their children, who gave different versions but mostly reported that S. allegedly lured them to join her and took them to a basement in some building – it’s unclear where.

In the basement, the children are said to have found themselves naked and taking part in a Christian-themed ceremony, after which they were sexually assaulted by a number of paedophiles who were at the scene.


S. was beaten up shortly after these stories started to come out, and that mysterious ‘basement’ where many children said they’d been taken was never discovered.

Reading those accounts now, I’m struck by the ‘Christian-themed ceremony’, because after all the research into the devil-worshipping Freemason-Frankists and Knights Templars running the State of Israel from behind the scenes, these are details that start to seem far more credible now, than they did 10 years ago.

And it’s also very interesting that the suspected ‘ringleader’ appears to have been a female, formerly xtian convert.


Let’s get back to the 108 children.

Long story short, while the parents of Jerusalem were hopeful that the pedophile ring of Nachalaot was the end of that particular problem, it now seems it was really just the beginning.

Over the subsequent years, a number of therapists and counsellors who were were working with very traumatised children in certain neighborhoods of Jerusalem, especially Sanhedria, started to realise that they were hearing strange stories of sexual and physical abuse – from very different areas and children – that shared a lot in common.


These very small children – 2, 3, 4 and 5 year olds – were all basically telling the same sort of story, i.e.:

  1. They were being kidnapped on the way to their kindergartens, or coming home from their kindergartens, and in many cases, even being taken away from their kindergartens in the middle of the day by strangers.
  2. They were being sexually and physically abused in horrific ways, by gangs of people they routinely described as ‘goyim’ – non-Jews.
  3. Many of the kids spoke about being taken into tunnels, and of being abused in churches.
  4. There seemed to be a strong and particularly ‘ritualistic’ aspect to much of the abuse – i.e., it wasn’t just the usual type of pedophilia. This included seeing cats slaughtered in front of them; and also being forced to eat traif food, etc,
  5. The victims were often being photographed and videoed, during the abuse they endured.
  6. Many of the victims described being injected, or given drugged food or candies that made them sleepy.


Over the course of about 5-6 years, more and more professional therapists and counsellors, both within the chareidi world, and also within the secular world, started to piece together the horrifying information that at least 108 Jerusalem children had been kidnapped and abused by some sort of ‘organised ring’ located in Jerusalem.

Most of these parents went to the Jerusalem police with their kids to make formal statements and to try and get some traction – and the Jerusalem police refused to take them seriously.

If they admitted that something had even happened to the kid – a big IF!!! – the police claimed it was only ever isolated pedophiles, and not some organised gang with enough contacts to arrange to take kids out of their kindergartens, in the middle of the day, over many long months – without being noticed or caught.


If you understand Hebrew, please go and watch the documentary, particularly at the end, where the secular journalist confronts one of the Jerusalem police chiefs about what is going on, and is clearly extremely disturbed by what he is being told, about why the police closed the case without investigating it.

108 chareidi kids are kidnapped from their gans in broad daylight, assaulted in awful ways over a period of months and years – and the police in Jerusalem decide it’s all just a bunch of fairy tales that aren’t worth investigating seriously.


But that’s not all.

The police also decide that it’s the therapists who must be making up these awful stories, and filling the kids’ heads with them, in order to make more money for themselves.

The police are SO convinced of this theory, they even actually arrested one of the therapists who had been trying to help some of these children.

Very soon after that, 45 of the families involved decide to leave the Frankist-Freemason State of Israel, while most of the other families decide to leave Jerusalem.

De facto, case closed – and another ‘victory’ for the police here.


Now, we have to ask ourselves:

Why would the police in Jerusalem apparently be so eager to run interference for what seems to be a massive, organised pedophile ring in Jerusalem, with links to xtian institutions and people, and / or links to satanic abuse?

What could possibly explain this?


Many of the 17 (!) therapists, shrinks and experts interviewed by Channel 13 journalist Chaim Rivlin for his expose believe that all the ‘xtian’ stuff was done deliberately by the pedophiles, simply to confuse their victims, and to make their stories sound so ‘unbelievable’.

Again, if you’d never heard about the devil-worshipping Frankists, if you never knew about the Frankist-Freemason connection to the Catholic church, if you had no clue that the devil-worshipping, child abusing Knights Templars were still a ‘thing’, and active behind the scenes in the State of Israel – it’s probably the conclusion most people would come to.

But at this stage….

All of these ‘weird details’ are just sounding way too familiar.

And the way these pedophiles are making such huge efforts to not only assault their small victims’ bodies, but also to try to poison their souls, too – this just sounds so similiar to the Frankist ‘reverse kabbalah’ satanic abuse I’ve been reading about the last two years.


The kids describe being ‘injected’ under their toenails or tongues, places where no-one can see a puncture mark and question it.

They describe being taking to ‘pools’ or baths of some sort, and having their heads held under water.

They talk about a bad ‘King’ and ‘Queen’, who hold their despicable orgies around a ‘shulchan Shabbat’.

They describe being told that their abusers will kill them, if they eat kosher food, and force-feed them traif….

Here’s a screenshot of that last one:


Houston, we have a problem.

A massive problem.

It seems that there is a Frankist-Freemason satanic pedophile ring operating in Jerusalem – and the police is apparently not only not investigating what’s going on, they seem to be actively covering it up, and attacking the VICTIMS who dare to make a complaint about it.

I don’t think that stuff about small kids being abused in churches by ‘goyim’ is made up, or ‘confusion’.

I think it’s true.

And I think that’s the real reason all this is being covered up at the highest levels, in the Frankist-Freemason State of Israel.

The question is, what do we now do about all this?

Apart from praying that God uproots this awful evil, and destroys the people perpetrating it once and for all, I don’t know what else to tell you right now.



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12 replies
  1. Becky
    Becky says:

    We are commanded to love the ger- the convert.
    But how can we trust that s/he is a true convert and really connected to authentic Judaism?
    This must have been questioned throughout the ages, but with all of the recent stories, should we just love or should we also suspect? How can we balance this out?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There is no difference between a ger in our community, and anyone else in our community. If the person is setting off alarm bells, then even if they are ‘the biggest tzaddik’, or have the best yichus, we need to at least respect our own ‘alarm bells’, and to steer clear – and to teach our kids to do the same.

      Things are so mixed up right now, it’s impossible to judge by the outside what’s really going on.

      It takes so much prayer and introspection just to stay a tiny bit sane, in the mad world we live in.

      So, I personally go by the credo that I suspect everyone, regardless of who they are, at least a bit, until I am totally sure they are ‘kosher’. And if at any time something happens to set off an alarm bell, I don’t try to muffle it. I take that as a cue to take a closer look at why the person is upsetting me or creeping me out, in hitbodedut.

      More than that… I can’t say.

      • yd
        yd says:

        Rambam – Negative Commandments, Mitzvah 252
        1He prohibited us from wronging the convert with words. And that is His stating, “You shall not wrong a convert” (Exodus 22:20). And the prohibition was repeated with His saying, “you shall not wrong him” (Leviticus 19:33). And in the Sifra (Sifra, Kedoshim, Chapter 8:2): “You shall not say to him, ‘Yesterday you worshipped idolatry, and now you have entered under the wings of the Divine Presence.'” (See Parashat Mishpatim; Mishneh Torah, Sales 14.)

    • yd
      yd says:

      Rambam – Positive Commandments, Mitzvah 207
      1That is that He commanded us to love converts. And that is His saying, “And you shall love the stranger” (Deuteronomy 10:19). And even though he was included regarding this with [all of] Israel, in His saying, “and you shall love your neighbor as yourself (Leviticus 19:18) – since this stranger is a convert (and a full member of Israel) – however because he entered into our Torah, God added love upon love and designated an additional commandment for him. [This is] as He did with the prohibition of, “And you shall not oppress” (Leviticus 25:17); He [also] said, “And you shall not oppress a stranger” (Exodus 22:20). And it is explained from the language of the Gemara (Bava Metzia 59b) that we are liable by oppressing the convert on account of, “And you shall not oppress,” and on account of, “And you shall not oppress a stranger.” [So] we are also obligated to love him on account of, “and you shall love your neighbor as yourself,” and on account of, “And you shall love the stranger.” And this is clear – there is no doubt about it. And I do not know a [single] man from whoever counted the commandments that botched this. And in most [books of] Midrash, they explained that God commanded about the convert, just like He commanded us about Himself – He said, “And you shall love the Lord, your God” (Deuteronomy 6:5), and He said, “And you shall love the stranger.” (See Parashat Ekev; Mishneh Torah, Human Dispositions 6.)

  2. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    I am from Los Angeles and was in primary school when the McMartin preschool abuse case hit the headlines and stayed there for years. Ultimately, everything hinged on the existence of an elaborate tunnel system under the school and connecting several buildings in the area. The police, prosecutors, and judges all denied the existence of these tunnels after extensive investigations, and the case resulted in many acquittals and several hung juries for one suspect. Decades later, in fact only a few years ago, the FBI released a dump on an unrelated (sort of, obviously) case that included info on the McMartin case. It turns out, the tunnels were real. They even had diagrams of their extent.

    The police and prosecutors knew all along, and they covered it all up.

    The reason I am commenting though is this. It is cases like this why I believe, strongly now, that a certain man who was demonized in unprecedented ways last year with the initials CW is innocent.

    The real stories all have Satanic elements. And they always involve people circling the wagons to protect the guilty. Not an onslaught of a baseless anonymous accusations with a completely over the top response (burn the books!). For all we know, he could have accidentally found out about such a pedophile ring from his therapy work and they framed him for their deeds. The “useful idiots” then did their work for them by piling on without any halachic basis beyond some nebulous aspect of protecting the innocent. Yet they still pile on after the man is dead (did his alleged suicide entail multiple gunshot wounds, or a shot to the back of his head?).

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I never heard of the McMartin school before. I’ll go look it up.


      BTW, I’m personally not saying CW was innocent. I don’t know either way. What is beyond dispute is that he was treated in a way that suggests strongly there was a ‘payback’ thing happening, from the corrupt State of Israel and it’s corrupt minions in the ‘religious’ hierarchy.

      As more and more information comes out, we see that the State of Israel has no problem with ‘frum’ pedophiles freely roaming around – look at all the hundreds of convicted pedophiles the State literally welcomed with open arms, so they could escape prosecution, and carry on abusing small children in the Holy Land’s religious communities, undetected.

      On top of whatever it is that is going on in Jerusalem, which is sounding more and more like some sort of church-State sponsored satanic ‘MK ULTRA’ abuse, deliberately perpetrated against the holy children of Beit Rabban.

      Man, I am SO sick of all the evil people ruling the roost here and everywhere else…

      BH, once more of this stuff is publicised, and once more of us take the blinkers off and realise who is really ‘ruling’ us here, in the State of Israel – known to be the 51st state of the USA – things will finally start to change.

  3. Yosef
    Yosef says:

    I know first hand about the “cover-up” of the police / social workers / Good-Ol’-Boys club called Beit Din in Jerusalem. My grandson has been abused for over 11 years by his sperm donor and my daughter was told by the beit din that if anything comes across their desk again, she will loose custody of her son.
    I am a huge proponent of Chanukah part 2.

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Wow: you mean the Beth Din Torani? Is this how corrupt Batei Din are in Yerushalayim? Not even one clean one? Rav Moshe Shternbuch’s maybe??? Is that why religious Jews are reluctant to bring issues to a religious Bet Din, whether regarding such matters, or others, such as financial matters for instance?

      And whom are you referring to exactly with your allusion of “…..donor”? I don’t understand. Thanks

      • Yosef
        Yosef says:

        I don’t know what the beit din is called, it’s the one that the state runs. They handle/mismanage marriages, divorces, custody etc.
        I was referring to his father.

  4. Becky
    Becky says:

    About five years ago in Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph, a Philipino-looking lady tried to kidnap kids.
    At the time, the rumor was that she was a missionary trying to forcibly baptize kids and that she was connected to the Senhedria Murhevet story.


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