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    Like you, I’ve been scratching my head about what’s really going on with all this ‘Chaim Walder’ stuff. ***UPDATES BELOW*** Because at this point we all know, the media is working for the corrupt government, which in turn is funded by the corrupt ‘elites’ who are trying to kill us all off and / or […]

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    The OSS and Child Trafficking

    Our 'secret services' are rotten to the core. ***UPDATES BELOW*** The last 80 years, 100 years, 150 years - whatever - we've all been told that America and the UK and the West stand for 'liberty' and 'light' and 'human dignity and freedom'. That's…
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    Focussing on solutions

    Just when we thought it couldn't get any more confusing or crazy... it has. It feels to me that things have really ratcheted up a level, spiritually, since Tu B'Shvat. Rav Berland was hinting for weeks, that the 'Rosh Hashana of the Trees'…
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    Proven in court: there is graphene oxide in the 'Covid 19' shots

    In the courts of law, which is where this madness will finally screech to a halt, there are some interesting developments. Over in Argentina, their equivalent of the 'FDA' - called ANMAT - was forced to concede in court that the Covid 19…

    Tesla and ghosts

    More ghosts from the past, who are still walking around today. My daughter showed me this video yesterday. It's two Israeli guys sitting in their brand new Tesla car, with motion sensors, next to a graveyard in Shilo, Israel. The Tesla's…
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    The search for Jacob Frank - Part 4

    Well, lots of pieces are starting to fall into place now, with the Frankist family tree. (Click for parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series.) I added the following to the LAST post, as an update - and then I had a lot of siyatta dishmeya: There…
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    Roosevelt, Borah, and the Rebbe Rayatz

    Every way I turn, I trip over new and surprising information. Off the back of the new piece of information sent to me by a reader, (thanks!) that I added to the last post, but which basically said THIS: Yosef Yitzchak Kazen (1954 – 1 December…