Find out what’s really in the Covid 19 shots – and why your government is hiding this information from you.

    bribe blinds the eyes of the wise Pfizer

    “Do not accept a bribe, for the bribe will blind those who see and corrupt words that are just” – Exodus 23:8 ***Updates below*** Following on from the last post, where we brought Rav Uri Sofer’s words that so many of our leading ‘rabbis’ were paid hundreds of thousands of shekels to help coerce the […]

    Be brave narrow bridge
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    Be brave

    Whatever is going to happen the next few weeks, we need to be brave. Brave enough to stand up for truth, if we need to.Brave enough to admit we *might* have been wrong, about some very important things.Brave enough to go back to try…
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    The Vaccine Safety Net Initiative

    Thank God, for sceptical readers like Aharon. ***Update on whether vaccinated people are contagious, below***You see, Aharon thinks that I'm a whacked-out, demented 'conspiracy theorist', who just sits here conjuring lies out of the ether…
    covid 19 and graphene
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    PDF available!! - Covid 19 and graphene

    Well, I pulled an all-nighter, and with God's help I managed to pull most of the pertinent info about the Covid 19 shots and the graphene nanotech into one PDF. ***Updates below***I combined information from a few of the blog posts here,…
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    The secret of the hexagon

    You are going to be hearing a lot about graphene, or graphite oxide, over the coming weeks and months. ***Updates Below***In this post - possibly the most important one I've put together - I'm going to explain what graphene is.I'm also…
    Open your heart
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    Open your heart

    We are all in this together, in case you haven't figured that out yet. First, listen to this, that I was sent by a friend (8 minutes long): ====It sums up some of the very deep ideas - some…
    Darpa and Nasa
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    Darpa, NASA, and Jeff Bezos' grandpa

    It's amazing how the same names, the same faces, the same families, keep coming up in this story. Let me give you one example, before we dive into more of the history of NASA and DARPA.I'm guessing that you probably know who Jeff Bezos…