Finally, we have video from the other side of the stairs in Meron, ‘Area 42’. I just got sent this, and I’m uploading it here so you can see that most of the people who died were crushed on the RIGHT HAND side as you descend the ‘Shvil Reb Dov’ steps. I have other footage, […]

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Video of what was happening by the stairs in Meron

Just want to get this up now, without a lot of analysis, to make sure it's not 'scrubbed' out of the record. This is not easy video to watch, please be advised.But it clearly shows the police were at the scene long before Channel 12 put…
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Rav Berland needs our prayers!

Rav Berland was just rushed back to hospital from the Jerusalem District Court. I'm cutting and pasting this from the website HERE: ====Please pray for the Rav, who was just taken back to hospital from the court! Today,…
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Meron: Catching Channel 12 in the lie

A new report into Meron, with new footage, came out yesterday. I will put the link at the bottom of this article, if you haven't seen it already.Because in the meantime, I've spent the last 2 hours going through this new clip from Channel…
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The argument

When I took the car up to Meron on Monday, I didn't really know why I was going. I mean, it was already three days after the disaster, what did I think I was going to find, or see, that hadn't already been cleaned away or covered up?But…
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Understanding the Meron 'Death Trap' - the facts

Even regular visitors to Meron have been struggling to understand how 45 people could be asphyxiated to death there. ***More important updates below*** UPDATE: There is a new video with new footage of what happened, that needs careful analysis.PLEASE…
Idra rabba 45 martyrs
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On the back foot

Things are starting to fall apart, for the government and the MSM that serve them. Rebbe Nachman talks about how the Tzaddik is a 'bone in the throat' of the sitra achra, that then causes it to 'throw up' all the good it swallowed from the…