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Meron: Accident or Murder?

    far from the madding crowd

    The last few days, I’ve been feeling very antsy. I haven’t been sleeping so well, and I’ve been feeling half like a zombie, emotionally. That’s kind of strange, as apparently in Israel we are ‘back to normal’ now. No masks….no green passes….no stupid Coronavirus ‘regulations’ anywhere. Or at least, that was the case until yesterday. […]

    smart dust
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    Smart Dust

    Until a few weeks' ago, I'd never heard of 'smart dust'. ***Updates below***Before the whole 'Covid 19' plandemic kicked off, I was reading about 'smart refrigerators' that would order your milk for you; and 'smart cars' that would drive…
    Covid 19
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    The Internet of Things

    Two days ago, I woke up with this idea in my head:"These swarms of nanobots literally have their own unique IP address…."***Updates below***(Taken from THIS blog post, on DNA Origami and the nanotech that almost certainly was present…
    men and boys
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    On men and boys

    The written word has a unmatched ability to slice through confusion, and reveal a clear - if sometimes painful - clarity. Yesterday, I read something that really touched me at the soul level, and kind of explained what I'd been seeing myself,…
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    Broken vessels

    Some days, I kind of feel a little smashed up. Like I got dropped on a hard floor - repeatedly.Sometimes, this life is hard.We are at the end of such a long process of exile, and our souls have stuffed things up so many times already,…
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    MUST WATCH: Ido Bachelet at the TEDMED Israel, 2013

    If you watch one thing about how DNA nanobots actually work, this is it. It's just 18 minutes long, and it shows Israeli scientist, Ido Bachelet, talking about how these DNA nanobots really work - back in 2013, eight years ago.By the end…
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    Time to get real

    I have a tag I use on pretty much every post that I write on this blog. It's called: BEING REAL.And it's a rare post, indeed, that doesn't have this tag attached to it."Being Real' has not only caused me no end of problems, heartaches…