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    I just got sent this email, by one of my contacts close to Shuvu Banim: The Rav said there will be a Purim story this Chanukah and here it is *Purim Story on Chanukah!* The Rav is released from all accusations in the latest libel attempt ==== Haman ended up getting hung in the very […]

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    United we stand

    Things ARE turning around. I just feel it in my gut. Occasionally, my gut feelings can be wrong, of course, and I know we still have a mountain to climb before this totally breaks down. Or at least, what appears to be a mountain to climb. But…
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    There were a few comments on the last post, and also a few emails, that I wanted to respond to as a blog post. I think probably a lot of people are feeling the same way right now. If you are 'awake' and unjabbed, it's very difficult and…

    Omicron 'Plandemic'

    Watch this. It was recorded about Israel's 'war game' against a 'new, vaccine-resistant variant of Covid' called 'Omega', held on November 11, 2021. Guess what? The war game 'simulated' that this 'Omega variant' was particularly dangerous…
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    Sound waves and the human body - an explainer

    In this post, I just want to set out a few basic concepts of what 'science' can do with soundwaves, and how that is already affecting our health. I know that so much of this information sounds so 'sci-fi' and out there, it's hard for a lot…
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    Omicron, chem trails and propaganda

    The title is a mouthful, I know, but there's a lot to cover. ***Important updates, scroll down*** First things first: They have been 'chem trailing' across Jerusalem for the last three days now. This afternoon, I went for a walk and I…

    Rabbenu explains the importance of 'truth'

    I had quite a few comments and emails basically asking the same question: why does the truth matter? Why stir things up? Why 'break things down', when it's so very uncomfortable and 'unpleasant', to see what's really hiding under all these…